Half Off Stainless Steel Water Bottles (Only $14.50 Right Now)

by Samantha Angoletta

This is a killer deal, folks.

I bought two of the RTIC 36-ounce bottles around the holidays because we (spouse and I) have been on a mission to drink more water. We’ve been using them daily, and toting them around from place to place ever since. They keep water ice cold, they don’t leak, and they don’t sweat.

You can use them for hot liquids as well. My friend fills hers with hot cocoa during football season, so that her younger kids can stay warm (and occupied) while they watch their older brother play. Just bring a few paper cups, and you’re good to go!

These are highly rated at their standard price, but I really don’t think anyone will have a complaint if you scoop one up for less than 15 bucks.

I’m sending one to my favorite college student also. (You’re welcome, sister.)

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