11 Starfish Coloring Pages That'll Make You Want To Explore The Ocean

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Starfish Coloring Pages
Photo by Pedro Lastra/Unsplash

Have you ever watched a video of a starfish walking? Cue one up if you ever need something fun to distract your bored child. It’s a sight you don’t see often, so it’ll make you appreciate starfish even more. And while we’re on the subject of these elusive animals, they’re also called sea stars. The reason seems pretty apparent — not only are they star-shaped, but they’re also not actually “fish.” They lack attributes that would put them in that category, like gills, fins, and scales. But starfish coloring pages can be whatever you want. That is unless you’re related to a marine biologist. They might bristle a bit if you refer to these sea creatures incorrectly. (Maybe you should share some fish jokes with them to lighten the mood!)

Another great thing about starfish coloring pages? They work well for beginners. Most of the pages are pretty basic and will benefit from bright colors — especially since starfish coloration varies quite a bit, with many appearing red or orange and others blue and purple. You can also feel free to take certain liberties with these starfish coloring pages (glittery starfish, anyone?). Remember, the most vital thing in art is to use your imagination and express yourself!

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Free Printable Starfish Coloring Pages

Starfish No. 1

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On the hunt for an easy activity? This starfish may be a good choice. Make it pop by shading it in bright orange, or you could make this one gray for a cool effect. If you choose gray, it’s still realistic, as many starfish species are gray. And if you’re curious how many starfish species there are, well, there are a lot! Over 2,000 species exist, to be exact, and they can be found all over the Earth (even in polar areas).

Starfish No. 2

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This starfish (or, apologies, sea star) has a little more personality to it. You could easily create a background image of this guy floating in the ocean or even washed up onshore. Another idea? Go ahead and draw in this starfish’s eyes. Yes, we said eyes! Starfish have an eye-spot at the end of each of their arms. However, starfish don’t have a brain or blood. They just pump nutrients through their body by filtering seawater through the skin.

Starfish No. 3

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Coloring this in a bright purple might make it look like it belongs on a Nicktoon from the 2000s. Then again, a Nickelodeon cartoon starfish would compete against the very popular Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants. Since Patrick is notably pink, you can use him for a little bit of inspiration instead. We recommend drawing on a pair of his classic green and purple board shorts.

Starfish No. 4

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This coloring page showcases the underbelly of a starfish — something you don’t often see. The anatomy of a sea star is actually pretty magnificent. Did you know that they don’t have brains or blood? It seems a little creepy, but they still manage to live around 35 years despite not having the same vital organs as we do.

Starfish No. 5

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This coloring page can either be simple or very abstract. Will you color the dots in all different colors? Draw smiley faces on them? Or stick to a more realistic version of a starfish? This might be a good time to talk to your kiddo about the texture of a sea star’s skin. It varies by species, with some feeling leathery and others feeling prickly. Some even have tiny spines on their surface that they use as armor.

Starfish No. 6

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Now, here’s a sea star with a glowing personality! This guy looks like he knows his way around the ocean. To match his bright smile, don’t be afraid to use metallic colors to make him seriously shine. Maybe he’s so happy because he just had a meal. Did you know that sea stars eat with their stomachs inside out? It’s true! A sea star’s mouth is on its underside. When it catches food, it pulls the prey in close with its arms. Then, it pushes its stomach out through its mouth to chow down. Fun fact: Starfish can only survive in saltwater. They cannot survive in freshwater.

Starfish No. 7

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This starfish only has five arms, but some starfish have up to 40! Another fun fact: If this gal happens to lose one of her arms, she can regenerate it. It’s a timely endeavor, though — one lost limb can take up to a year to grow back.

Speaking of regeneration, starfish can reproduce in one of two ways. They can release an egg and sperm into the water, forming swimming larvae that settle into the sand floor. Or, and don’t squirm here, some tropical species of starfish can grow an entirely new body from a severed limb. We’re just going to leave this factoid here with you.

Starfish No. 8

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There’s something adorably childish about this starfish drawing. Maybe this sweet pair is waiting for their cousin, the brittle star. Brittle stars look similar to starfish, but their arms are much longer.

Want to learn the words for starfish in other languages? Here are some of our favorite:

  • Italian — la stella marina
  • German — der Seestern
  • French — l’étoile de mer
  • Russian — morskaya zvezda (морская звезда)
  • Korean — bulgasali (불가사리)

Starfish No. 9

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While this is, without a doubt, a starfish — it could also turn into a spring flower if you add a stem. No matter how you view this starfish coloring page, we think purple would look divine. Fun fact: Some sea stars can weigh up to 11 pounds!

Starfish No. 10

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Finally, this starfish is the most technical of the grouping. It can also be the most versatile. Try printing out two copies, with one having true-to-life colors and the other being a little wild.

Starfish No. 11

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This starfish is super cute, just like our friend Patrick Star. Here’s some Patrick family trivia for you SpongeBob SquarePants fans out there. Did you know Patrick has a sister? Her name is Sam. Also Patrick and Gary are first cousins.

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