Travis Scott Surprises Stormi With Visit From 'Trolls' Character Poppy

by Madison Vanderberg
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Stormi unwrapped the best Christmas gift ever, a visit from Trolls character Poppy

If you, like me, obsessively follow the Kardashian-Jenner brood on Instagram and keep up with their every antic on Instagram Stories, then you would know that Kylie Jenner’s nearly two-year-old daughter Stormi is obsessed with the movie Trolls. Kylie once shared an Insta snap of her daughter standing in front of the TV watching the film and joked that “we watch this movie four times a day” and now Kylie knows all the words to the movie. Because little Stormi is so enthusiastic about Trolls, her dad Travis Scott surprised his daughter with a visit from Trolls star Poppy as an early Christmas gift.


The Kardashians love a grand gesture and sometimes it’s a tad extra (remember that time Travis Scott filled Kylie’s entire mansion with red roses), but this was so damn adorable.

Kylie shared an Instagram Story of Stormi watching her favorite movie at home on Christmas Eve and then told her followers Stormi “doesn’t know Poppy is about to surprise her,” and then IRL Poppy waltzed right into the Jenner living room.

“That’s Poppy here,” Stormi squealed when the big pink troll walked into her house.

Stormi and Poppy, who is voiced by Anna Kendrick in the film, then proceeded to run throughout the entire house and Stormi led Poppy on a jaunt through her backyard and we’ve never seen such unbridled joy as Stormi screamed and ran around with her favorite character from her favorite movie.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

“Best day ever,” Kylie captioned the photos of her daughter with the big pink cartoon.

This Poppy surprise came just a day after Kris Jenner replicated Kylie’s childhood playhouse and gifted it to Stormi for Christmas. So yes, Stormi got a house and a hang sesh with Poppy for Christmas. #Goals

Later that night, Kylie and Stormi went to the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party in matching emerald dresses, because Christmas in the Kardashian-Jenner family is a whole deal.


It’s safe to say that Stormi had the best Christmas ever.