Stormi Isn't Here For Mom Kylie Jenner's Viral 'Rise And Shine' Song

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

It’s clear that Stormi prefers one parent’s singing over the other’s

No one can knock you down a few rungs like your kids. Even if you’re a (mostly) self-made billionaire, your kids will show you yourself and have literally not one heck to give about how famous you are. Such is the case with Stormi Webster openly panning her mom, Kylie Jenner’s, singing in favor of her dad’s.

Jenner posted what might be the cutest video on heaven and earth to Instagram recently — we see impossibly adorable Stormi holding a phone and jamming out to the music coming from it. Music that happens to be her mom’s viral “song”, “Rise and Shine,” that made a splash on social media recently.


The phone is playing a fan-made techno version of the literal one-line song and Stormi’s happily grooving along until the record-scratch moment where she decides she would rather listen to dad Travis Scott’s music. “Daddy sing! Daddy sing!” she coos. “No baby, that’s Mommy!” Jenner chimes in. She asks Stormi if she’s “not good enough” and like, clearly, she’s not — this little girl wants to hear Daddy’s songs, sorry not sorry.

About that viral “song” though — Jenner created a social media stir-and-a-half with a YouTube video tour of her office that ended with her waking Stormi from a nap with the quick little verse. “Rise and shiiine,” she sang to the toddler.

And the internet turned it into an instant meme, which Kylie, naturally, turned into a marketing opportunity. She was totally good with the joke, also sharing a meme of herself looking like that baby from the Teletubbies.


Plus, merch all day.

Anyway, back to Stormi not caring one bit for her mom’s voice and instead demanding to hear daddy sing. Is this not every toddler ever? We carry them, birth them, nurse them, stay up all night for them, and almost every single kiddo hits a phase where only daddy will do. Or, worse, they look just like him and nothing like you. That’s just being a mom, isn’t it? We feel you Kylie, even if we aren’t billionaire cosmetic moguls.