24 Tweets That Stress-Eaters Will Relate To On A Spiritual Level

by Joanna McClanahan
@topaz_kell / Twitter

I do this cute thing where I complain about how much weight I’ve gained, then turn around and eat all of my feelings.

After the kids fall asleep, it’s game on. I feel all of the stress and guilt of motherhood crash over me, and I basically numb myself one carb at a time. From chocolate to cheese, I’ll eat ’til I don’t feel sad or stressed anymore. I’ve never met a complex carbohydrate I didn’t like.

I know it’s unhealthy, so please spare me your workout accountability groups and sadness shakes. I’m not here to change my lifestyle, I’m here to complain and share hilarious tweets. So here are some that all stress-eaters will understand:

First, the obvious:

And when we say our relationship with food, we mean all of the food:

We start stress-eating in the morning:

And continue all throughout the day:

We love candy:

We love cheese:

And we especially love potatoes:

Really love potatoes:


Okay, we might be borderline-obsessed with potatoes:

We love food so much that we sometimes confuse it for joy:

But not without remorse:

And not without consequence:

Sometimes we can get a little bit defensive about it:

And we might even try to deny it:

But that’s because people assume they understand the struggle:

When really it’s just part of who we are:

Actually, we’re messes on the outside as well as the inside:

Being a stress-eater changes your views on a lot of things, like romance:

And parenting:

And communication:

And relaxation:

And “eating healthy”:

But at least we’ve enjoyed ourselves:

It’s true that we eat to numb our feelings, but at least we’ve experienced a full life. (See what I did there?)

It is unhealthy? Probably? Do I hate my body some days? Absolutely. But have you looked outside recently? The world is burning. So for now, I’m indulging in every slice of happiness I can get my hands on. And I am shoving that slice of happiness directly into my face.