25 Things No One Tells You About Summer With A Baby

25 Things No One Tells You About Summer With A Baby

25 Things No One Tells You About Summer With A Baby

Presented by Dr. Smith’s

1. Scooping up a baby in a giant towel is the cutest thing ever.

2. Beach chair? What are those for again?

3. Sun is thy mortal enemy.

4. Sand suddenly has the ability to travel into unimaginable bodily crevices.

5. A pool party with kids means actually putting yourself into the pool.

6. You loathe any person or recreational facility that does not heat their pool water.

7. You spend longer in the changing room than you do in the water.

8. A full day at the beach is the best sleep-inducer ever invented.

9. Your eyes will never close while being next to a body of water ever again.

10. You wish every meal was a barbecue because paper plates and no floor to clean are heaven.

11. You will slather your baby head-to-toe with SPF and yet will manage to get a burn on your own shoulders.

12. Your cleavage sweat will rise to a whole new level.

13. It’s OK to ease up on bedtime a tad because it’s still sunny at 7 p.m.

14. Babies have the power to make sun hats disappear, never to be seen again.

15. Baby sunglasses are adorable but will not stay on any baby’s face for longer than two minutes.

16. You will learn the hard way the day you think you can get away without a swim diaper.

17. Getting a mock-neck rash guard successfully over a chubby baby’s head is easier than it sounds.

18. Mosquitoes love your baby’s juicy body.

19. Camping with a baby (and wine) can be amazing.

20. Let them run around naked whenever possible because those days are gone so fast.

21. Fans make excellent white noise machines.

22. Yes, your baby will try to eat the sand.

23. Enjoy the fireworks, especially the ones your baby sleeps right through.

24. An inflatable kiddie pool is gold on the days so hot you can’t bear to go anywhere.

25. You only get to have them for one, maybe two summers, as a baby. Soak it up.

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