5 Meaningful Ways To Support Your Preemie Mom Friend

by Holly Garcia
Mommy and baby bonding lying down
Morten Falch Sortland/Getty

When one of the most exciting times of your life ends up being the most stressful, a helping hand makes a world of difference. While that could cover a-million-and-two different scenarios, today we’re talking about preemie moms. When you have a mom friend in this circumstance, you want to do everything you can to help them–but you want to make sure you’re actually helping. So we rounded up a few ways that you can support preemie moms. No matter how big or small, all these gestures will be a huge help.

How to Help Out Preemie Mom Friends

All the food, of course

Start a meal train or bring over a few frozen favorites to throw in the oven. Never underestimate the power of a home-cooked meal. If the new mom has decided to camp near the NICU instead, send her a Door Dash delivery. Trust us, it will be warmly welcomed and very appreciated.

Running Errands

Even when life is running smoothly, errands can take up a lot of time and energy. Send your friend a message and ask what you can pick up for them at the store, whether the dog needs a walk, whether their plants need to be watered. Even the smallest of offers can help take something off their plate so they can focus more energy on their newest addition.

Grocery Run

There is nothing worse than coming home from long days and nights as a preemie mom to a bare refrigerator and empty pantry. Offer to pick up a grocery order for your friend while they spend time at the hospital with their preemie. Something as simple as eliminating a grocery run on the way home after a long day at the hospital can really help.

Keeping Tabs on the Other Kiddo(s)

Some preemie moms have other littles at home. They worry about their newborn’s needs being met, but being a mom also means worrying about all your children, all the time. If you’re able to help out with their other kiddo(s), don’t hesitate to offer. From an extended playdate to a distraction box filled with coloring pages and activities, you can give your mom friend huge peace of mind knowing that her other baby isn’t feeling left behind in the chaos of everything that comes with being a preemie parent.

Having Non-Medical Related Conversations

Have you been sending requests for baby status updates with the intention of supporting your friend? Or maybe you wonder why, when you talk to her about her time in the NICU, she goes quiet or is slow to respond. Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned actions can contribute to the stress and despair preemie moms are feeling. Give her the opportunity to focus on something else for a little while and have a “normal” conversation. You can’t change her situation, but you can talk about something besides what’s going on at the hospital. It will encourage some sense of normalcy and lift her spirits.

Doing any of these things, no matter how big or how small, will mean a lot to your friend and their family. When life throws us hard situations, all we can do is support those we love the most and help them through their hard season,