5 Tips For Surviving The Toddler Tantrum

I admit, it has been a few years since I’ve had toddlers or *really* young children in my care. My kids are in grade school now, and we’re in a sweet spot of parenting. But I remember all too well the meltdowns and insanity of the toddler phase. (I try to keep that in mind as I enter the meltdowns and insanity of the tween phase.) I have some impressive battle scars to show for my years in the toddler trenches.

Throughout those years, I had a couple of tricks in my bag (along with soiled clothes, cracker crumbs, and mini-bottles of booze). And I thought I would offer you a few tips from this experience in the hopes that they will serve you as well as they did me.

1. Have crayons in your bag at all times. One of the freebie sets from your local restaurant will do. Pull the crayons out at the doctor’s office. Tell the kid he can draw all over the protective paper on the exam table; there is an endless supply. This tip seriously saved my sanity over the years of waiting and waiting at the doctor’s office. If the little pip-squeak happens to get some crayon on the wall, well, so be it. It’s the doctor’s fault FOR FUCKING MAKING YOU WAIT SO DAMN LONG. If you’re earth conscious and worried about wasting the paper, fret not. The crayons also work for physical comedy. Teach your clowns to stick crayons in their noses and ears for hours of fun. If a crayon gets stuck—don’t worry—you are already at the doctor’s office.

2. Use bribes liberally. We’re talking about small monster children here—laws don’t apply, so don’t be afraid of bribery. I kept snack-sized M&Ms in the car at all times when my daughter was in the horribly-mislabeled “Terrific 3s.” Before leaving a playdate or other fun place, I’d whisper to her, “Leave this place without crying, and you can have M&Ms in the car.” It worked every time. (Well, except the time I carried her over my shoulder out of the mall screaming. And a few other times.) Let’s just say it worked more times than not. My friends never knew the secret of my perfectly-behaved child. If you’re still having trouble rationalizing the bribe, just remember that M&Ms can also be used as sorting and counting tools. And chocolate always makes you feel better.

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3. The illusion of choice. Picky Pants doesn’t want the pasta for dinner? Fine. Tell her, “You can have that or rutabagas. You pick.” She will never pick the rutabagas. She will usually eat the other food (or go to bed hungry). And damn it’s fun to hear her try to pronounce the word in case it backfires. (It never back-fired on me.) Even if it does, no one actually knows what a rutabaga looks or tastes like so just find the most vile thing in your fridge and serve it to the traitor.

4. Put it on your “wish list.” This got me out of so many stores (okay, mostly Target). “Moooooooom! I want that!” “MOM! I must have that.” “Mommy, I WAAAAANT!” I’d simply reply, “Okay, obnoxious one dear. Let’s put it on your wish list.” And I’d take a picture of the item. That seemed to satisfy my son, and we could complete our shopping trip. This tip also helps when you’re drunk and ordering last-minute birthday gifts on-line because you took a nap instead of shopped during the one free hour you had all week. “What the fuck did he say he wanted?” Just check your phone.

5. Stash a sucker in the first aid kit. Make it sugar-free if you must. But, seriously, there is no first aid item more important. “Awwww, that’s so sweet!” you say. Yes, yes, it will make the kid feel better and smile a little. But mostly the sucker is so YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE DRAMA QUEEN SCREAMING INCOHERENTLY OVER A TINY LITTLE SCRATCH. That sucker shuts her right up. Maybe stash two suckers. And a little bottle of whiskey for yourself.

And there you have it. Your mileage may vary, but I urge you to give these tips a try. My kids seem fine. Really. (I’m still stashing some cash away in the therapy jar.)

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Kathryn Leehane (AKA Kelly 'Foxy' Fox) is a mom and a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. She writes the humor blog, Foxy Wine Pocket, where she shares twisted stories about her life as a mother, wife, friend, and wine-drinker in suburbia. Irreverent, inappropriate, and just plain silly, Kathryn strives to make you spit out your drink with every post. In her down time, she inhales books, bacon, and Pinot Noir, and her interests include over-sharing, Jason Bateman, and crashing high school reunions. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mama Miah 6 months ago

Yeah, I do that most of the time. IGNORE.

MrsE 6 months ago

I agree that you shouldn’t ignore your child when they are in need of attention. However, when you are using that strategy during a tantrum, you are ignoring an unwanted behavior, not the child’s needs. The point is that the child needs to know there is a right way and a wrong way to get your attention when needed. Ignoring the unwanted behavior and replacing it with a preferred behavior is the point here. I wouldn’t want my child to learn that her needs/wants are met when she screams. Obviously, there are circumstances where crying would be warranted, but when it’s not, it’s ignored.

kattie 8 months ago

My 4 (nearly 5) year old is terrified of being embarrassed by ME at the store. She was really bad about screaming/tantrums over a toy or whatever it was she so desperately needed (especially when she was 3) . So I would tell her screaming doesn’t get what you want. Well that never worked until one day I right in the middle of Target I had a tantrum right back at her. I fell out on the floor the WORKS. ” I want you to stop having a tantrum. I don’t have money for that. WAAAAA. ” etc. Then after we had a small audience ( after all those tantrums were about attention right ?) I stood up and told her all tantrums get you is everyone in the store watching you be ugly. I got an applause and some laughs. She was so embarrassed and dumbfounded . To this day she will not throw down a fit with me where anyone could even remotely see. She will talk about “when I was little child” ( always cracks me up ) you acted so bad in that store.

Dee 10 months ago

I have one of those. Yep. Crayons are banned. So is chalk as it just gets mushed into my carpet or force fed to the dog. I find stickers are better. You can’t hurt anyone with those.

Ashlee 10 months ago

Why do I have to SURVIVE my child acting out? I dare my daughter to act out over something like wanting a toy — she’ll be the survivor, not me.

John 10 months ago

As a 54 Year old Papa raising my 2 and 5 year old Grandsons and trying like heck to take care of my Ranch and Quarter Horses, Cow and 6 dogs I’ll try to remember your tricks. I’ve probably used some of them raising my 3 kids and now raising my grandsons. We did recently use the crayon one at the doctors office. It kept them busy for the most part. I found that even putting a carton bandage on thier little scratch stopped the whinning.

Workin Mama 1 year ago

I tried the rutabaga thing when my daughter was about 2. She chose rutabaga! I couldn’t believe it. She also didn’t let it go – every day she asked for rutabaga. After a week I finally bought and cooked one. Then little stinker didn’t even eat it – not even one bite! HAHA!!

Krystal 1 year ago

I didn’t see anywhere in this whole article where she rewarded bad behavior. Most of those were ways to hold off the tantrum. Giving a small treat to keep someone from screaming on the way out of a play date isn’t the same as “here, you’re screaming so have this.” The only time sweets were suggested while crying was when the kid has gotten hurt.

And for everyone who said ignore – I’m glad that worked for you! But it doesn’t work for everyone, and spanking definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness 1 year ago

I wish you were around when my boys were small! Great tips!

Judy Holmes 1 year ago

Excellent advice.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

(That might be my favorite tip.)

Natalie Wu 1 year ago

Such an awesome read!

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

Definitely #2!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

It takes genius to recognize genius. Never forget that.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! I love the word “sterling.”

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! I laugh at myself as well. 😉

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! And I wish you much luck!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago


Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Both of those strategies have served me well. Good luck!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

It’s never too early to start stockpiling supplies.

Stickymom 1 year ago

I had THREE kids under the age of 5 at one stage. I tried so many things and some of them worked, others didn’t. One of the less efficient methods were stickers. I kept stickers in my purse and every time they deserved a reward, I gave them a sticker (on the forehead). This only caused more drama if a sticker happened to fall off. Come to think of it, I can easily write a list of things that DON’T work. I wish I had your list though.

Crystal 1 year ago

It’s like your heart races and your head pops off with every tantrum! Love this list!

MrsMac 1 year ago

I live in New Zealand and it’s actually illegal here. Do it in public or have your kid tell someone and you’ll have Child Services and the police involved. I’m going to stick with lollipops and M&Ms

MrsMac 1 year ago

Thank you for this advertisement.

It has NOTHING to do with this article.

MrsMac 1 year ago

I’m going to try the M&Ms trick! We’re the parents who carry their 2 year old to the car, kicking and screaming, every week after church. I’d stop going if I wasn’t so desperate for adult conversation!

Sara Deegan 1 year ago

I was trying to read this article and was interrupted literally about ten times with pop up windows for games and other poo. Is this a new fb trend to make more money or is my phone bonkers?

Christina McPartland Carter 1 year ago

I ❤️ you!

Danielle Dunne 1 year ago

Lmao @ foxy wine pocket.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Well that just makes me sad. I’ll keep trying, I promise.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you!! Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

They really and truly are!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Whatever works, right?!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you. This lady loves you too! :-)

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Always buy in bulk! :-)

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Psst. I may have eaten just as many M&Ms as my daughter. It’s a win-win!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

I’m so glad. It saved my sanity more times than I can count!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

OMG, you’re the best thing ever! Thank you!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes, thank you for sharing, Stacy! I’m glad you both enjoyed them. Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

The wish list was my biggest sanity saver with my son. (And wine.)

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes, my daughter was easier than my son. Key to both was enough sleep and food. Oh, and instead of M&Ms, my son liked Dum-Dum suckers. #whateverittakes

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes. Yes, it is. Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

I fully support this plan!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Organic means they’re health food. 😉

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

You’re absolutely correct. 1 – 5 should be “Drink some wine (unless you’re driving).” The ones in the post can be 6 – 10.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes, and I’m just getting started on the tweenager tantrums.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

It’s the only way we get out of the store alive.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

No way–you’re SMART! Smarties are good for counting and sorting too.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

(I drink my lollipop–it’s grape-flavored.)

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Very well said. I’d go crazy without humor. Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! xoxo

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

I am so jealous that y’all have the iPad now. I would have used that–but the crayons worked well.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago


Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

I always had loose crayons in my purse because my kids just “had to save them.” I was so glad to put them to good use finally! And, yes, to the reward/privilege. I just like calling it a bribe. 😉

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

The “wish list” saved my sanity over and over and over.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you! And yes. Cheers!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Best comment yet! xoxo

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

They really are the best! I always had them in my purse because my kids “had to save them!” I used to throw them out until I found that use for them.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Lollipops for the little tike. Booze for the big one. It’s a win-win.

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes. Yes, they do. And you rock too!

Lea Bifano-Vozzella 1 year ago


Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Thank you. It was especially useful with my son. The funny part was that I would use it even before the camera phone. I just closed my eyes, nodded my head, and then told him it was on the wish list. The pictures make it so much easier to remember though!

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Why oh why do you have to live so far away from me? xoxo

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

It really is an essential strategy. We can call it a reward for good behavior in front of those people who don’t like the word, “bribe.”

Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago


Foxy Wine Pocket 1 year ago

Yes… There were a lot of things that were never told to me. I’m happy to share my learnings from the battlefield. Good luck!

Heather Williams 1 year ago

Great ideas!! :-)

Margie Sharp 1 year ago

Lol Tammi !! I’m taking notes too but I think I’m with you. Josie is a little beasty also. 😉

Kirstie Jezequel-Goodwin 1 year ago

Ignore and never give in. They find more social ways of getting what they want. I have four who are fantastic social and mature kids.

Rachel 1 year ago

Oh man. I was subjected to a shopping trip from hell as the result of a mother ignoring her child’s tantrum. Well, snookums was pretty much rabid. He had his paws clasped firmly on the bar above the wheel closest to his mothers foot . She drug him through the store looking hella awkward as she failed at pretending to thoughtfully select her items at a leisurely pace making zero eye contact with passers by whose ears were bleeding. Maybe she truly was a member of the deaf community or perhaps really really high? Either case I am sure junior could have instantly been granted an exorcism by the Pope right there on the spot. When it comes to a situation like that, Sister, you gotta raise the white flag, leave the store ( and your cart, I’m sorry Mmkay?) and go deal with your bundle of joy. The only good that will come from ignoring your child’s tantrums is helping me show my kids how not to act. And bybthe way I am sorry that one of them exclaimed loudly with covered ears,” mommy he needs a spanking!”

rudy ram 1 year ago

How about just beating that ass. Always worked for me. And my kids are as happy as can be. Its because they know Im in charge and not them. They also know what the word NO means. Pretty simple if you think about it.

Sandra Riddle Mangum 1 year ago

Thank you.

Vicky Sandison 1 year ago

Sterling advice.

Josh Stookey 1 year ago

I’m sorry but the food one was the best! Calling the kid a traitor. LOL!

JL Ruiz 1 year ago

Children have tantrums cuz of the lack of good parenting

qwertygirl 1 year ago

I use the wish list thing for my older kids, and it works for them too. Older kids don’t have tantrums, per se, but their whining can be worse than a tantrum, because while it annoys you, the mother, it doesn’t actually create a scene in the store that draws attention so you can just flip them over your shoulder and walk out. Sooner or later you’ve had this little gnat in your ear whining at you for Beyblades for 20 minutes and you end up yelling at the top of your lungs, “I ALREADY SAID NO AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER DAMNED WORD ABOUT IT!” And YOU’RE the one creating the scene. Good times. So instead I say, “I’ll take a picture of it and remember it for Christmas/your birthday/whatever.”

Jenn 1 year ago

Love! Use all of them all the time!

Michelle O’Leary 1 year ago

I love this!!!

Kimberly Price 1 year ago

Roflmao this had me cracking up

Allison Diehl 1 year ago

Great list and very practical. Those who are evangelizing about ignoring your child are probably imagining the kind of tantrum where they scream and pound on the floor. Sometimes you just need to get through a difficult moment without proving to the world what a superior parent you are.

Kris 1 year ago

At least i know why i see so many kids acting out nowadays. My mothers response would be i’ll tell ur father when we get home and that scared me straight. Tantrums only get worse if you do this b/s to your kid because they will see as acting out gets them stuff.

Joanne Ash 1 year ago

There is not enough mention of wine in this article!

Ellen 1 year ago

I use #4, but it backfired on me. 5yo DS then insisted that we text the pics to Santa and expected every item to be delivered exactly as requested. We had to have a chat about how the Big Guy can only bring one present for each kid or else they wouldn’t all fit in the sleigh. Also, delete photos of every little thing after a while. Otherwise little one looking through pics on your phone (another trick to keep them occupied) will remind them of all the stuff they wanted but had forgotten.

WriterMom Angela 1 year ago

Awesome tips, I’ve used them all! Never underestimate the value of a well timed BRIBE!

Diane Griffiths Bedson 1 year ago

Uh, yep! Lol

Korrena Savvy 1 year ago

Lol I have 2 older kids with autism. When my bub hits the terrible 2s I will sit bk with coffee and laugh and laugh. Lol not much rocks me anymore lmao

Mary 1 year ago


Riiiiight. Like you could ignore a freight train speeding thru your living room? Good luck with that. It might work sometimes, and absolutely we don’t need to be all “omg s/he’s crying I must FIX IT NOW”, but advising parents to ignore their child’s emotions is setting them up for years of needing REAL therapy down the road. You can’t always fix what they’re feeling, but the healthy response is to say “Yes, I understand you’re upset, but this is what we’re doing now” and carry on. Ignoring is not kind or productive.

Andrea Pecho 1 year ago


Alexandra Cervantes 1 year ago

4 and 5 are awesome lol

Caitlin Reuterskiold 1 year ago

So glad SOMEBODY got the point!

Jessica 1 year ago

To all those who think these are rewarding bad behavior, really it’s more of PREVENTATIVE measures here. The only thing I’d change on this list is the title! 5 Tips for Preventing Toddler Tantrums! Love the idea of suckers (and booze!) in the first aid kit- genius!

Marisa Ammerman 1 year ago

The crayon thing is great!!
I have three daughters 10,9 and 17 months and I never thought of doing that. Brilliant!

Kendra Harrison Avelar 1 year ago

So funny but so true! Thanks for sharing, Stacy!

Stevie-Louise Ryan 1 year ago

Actually the best thing ever!!

Nom DePlume 1 year ago

I just told my child that I understood their feelings, that they were upset because of X, but that it wasn’t going to happen because of Y. Now, when they are done with their fit, we can finish shopping and go on to something else more fun. Then I would just ‘shop’ in that aisle or the end caps, carefully keeping an eye but not visibly looking at them, and waited. It is boring to throw a fit on the floor when no one seems to be trying to stop you. Really, I think I only did this twice with each kid.

Now a fit is not the same as a meltdown. A fit is about control. A meltdown is beyond control, because the kiddo is hungry, tired, or really overstimulated. In that case, the poor behavior is your issue, not theirs, and you need to fix the problem that has out them beyond their young, limited coping ability.

Vicki Kovacs-Cantlin 1 year ago

None of these work on my child

Kate Hall 1 year ago

Ahahahaha! The crayon getting stuck…already in the doctor’s office = hilarious. Funny!

Ashley Collins 1 year ago

These are the worst tips….

Zebrina Easterday 1 year ago

I love love love the wishlist idea!

Nancy O’Brien 1 year ago


emily 1 year ago

Haha!!! I have two toddler siblings, they’re 3 and 1.5. Not the same as having my own kids, I know, but I do babysit them a lot. I need to print this list out….

Linda Sneddon 1 year ago

Oh, child person. You are thrashing and screaming incoherently on the floor. I don’t think you are doing it properly. More foot stomping! Scream louder! No! Like this!

Usually a public demonstration, even for a two year old, will shut them up long enough to get a quasi-rational solution.

Valerie Swenson 1 year ago

and as others pointed out…she isn’t rewarding bad behavior..she anticipates the moments that set her kids off and does a little crowd control before they even start. These methods are prevention…NOT discipline.

Valerie Swenson 1 year ago

My son needs a snack every few hours. No joke, he will turn into Mr Hyde without them. Of course, stashing M&Ms in our car in Phoenix isn’t an option but we keep Cheerios and crackers on hand.
But being strong willed, the illusion of choice never works. He will choose whatever will piss you off hands down every time. Life with him is a battle every day but I keep his tantrums to a minimum by ALWAYS backing up what I tell him to do. He gets time out until he does it. With my two older girls I could be a little more lax about consistency as they are far more reasonable. But with him I can’t give in, ever, even on small things.
Great tips though!

Sonja 1 year ago

Owww yeah….!

Cole L Galton 1 year ago

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Jacki Harth 1 year ago

Great tips….none of these tips will reward bad behavior if you time them right….. Get the crayons out BEFORE the whining, talk about the m&m’s BEFORE the tantrum (then it’s not a bribe) take a pic for the wish list BEFORE the all out meltdown (wish I would have thought of that!) give the choices BEFORE the food refusal. Take it from this Nana……prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t forget to catch’em being good, and don’t beat yourself up if your child misbehaves once in awhile :)

Rachel Ann Termini 1 year ago

I’m a seasoned mom. I have adult children and a 33 month old. *i know, i know, i’m crazy!* This stuff is tried and true! I am a mom with big patience but hate the breakdowns in the middle of stores. For those that think smacking toddler’s butt will shut them up, you should rethink your strategy. Maybe it works on older kids but two year olds tend to cry LOUDER when they’re hurt. Just a PSA.

Jennifer Kidwell 1 year ago

Lollipops definitely work for my soon to be 2 year old. It’s a good thing sam’s club has dum dums

Leslie Epstein 1 year ago

Another tip: You MUST have a sense of humor. Otherwise, you will end up at the funny farm. Can’t be a parent without a sense of humor.

Tiffiny Fawcett 1 year ago


Angela Russell Leighty 1 year ago

I don’t know, maybe I’m old fashioned but I remember when I was a kid having a tantrum my mom OR dad would ask me if I wanted a reason to be crying . . . which usually a swift crack on my ass. I wish more parents today would use this technique instead of this “touchy feely” crap. Maybe then we wouldn’t so many spoiled brats!!

Cheryl Bernett Prince 1 year ago

I don’t do tantrums past the age of understanding tantrums are wrong, somewhere around 2. I wish mine would throw a tantrum in the store bc they would be picking themselves up off of the floor! I used snacks and candy to keep them busy when they were little but never in a situation of if you don’t show your tale you can have it. They don’t throw tantrums simply bc they know I will not tolerate tantrums!

Loraine Guichard-Singh 1 year ago

Thank you. Whenever I reach the edge of madness I somehow get to reading your posts and manage a laugh.

Colleen Whale 1 year ago

The toddler tantrums are way better than those of the 5yo variety! Seriously, I’ll take my 2yo’s worst tantrums any day over the monstrosity that is his older brother.

Alise Myers 1 year ago

I’m so glad you mentioned bribes. I do it secretly already with Smarties. Good to know others are doing it, too, and I’m not a “bad” mom for doing it.

Donna Rose 1 year ago

This is so true and funny..

Amanda Gadoury 1 year ago

My almost 2 yo is too loud once the tantrums start to communicate with. I just let her lose her mind lol

Nick Liz Callao 1 year ago

I do some of these already and it’s worked☺️

Dee Dee Hensley Kasitz 1 year ago

When your recently turned 3 year old puts her hands on her hips and declares, “YOU don’t tell me what to do!” then stomps her feet and walks off…….. I say there is a reason God made her so dang adorable because those moments send Mommy to the edge of sanity. Where’s my lollipop?!?!? :-)

Rhonda 1 year ago

Whiskey in the first aid kit is genius! It’s medicinal, after all. Maybe I should start carrying around a “first aid kit” in my purse 😉

Meredith Marks 1 year ago

Packing the crayons and lolly pops ASAP.

Diana Ratliff 1 year ago

This is literally my world right now.

Mindy Hagy 1 year ago

I love all of these, and I love this lady! She seriously cracks me up!!!

Melanie Ripley 1 year ago

Haha guess I have an old child I use spaghetti and meat balls works every time!

Melanie Ripley 1 year ago

Love it!

Sarah (est. 1975) 1 year ago

When I read articles like this throughout the mom blogosphere, I am so thankful that my one son is out of these years and I just had my uterus ripped out of my body.

Cara Wortmann 1 year ago

I still used 4, we have a birthday wish list and a Christmas wish list. What they want at the time, is usually removed in favor of something else.

Rebecca Clare Davies 1 year ago

My eldest is 2.5 and tantrummed for a full hour earlier this afternoon just as we were trying to go out to a play group! We didn’t go in the end because she wouldn’t have been safe on the road, which sparked the 2nd half hour! Utter hell! Once she calmed down enough to have a cuddle I explained why I acted as I had and she seemed to understand but it was hard work and I just had to weather the storm until we got to a workable point as she gets almost instantly too far gone for bribery or anything to work!

Allison Hammermeister 1 year ago

Pro tip: we don’t negotiate with terrorists (of the mental variety)

Carrie Lynn Elg 1 year ago

The wish list is great. Around holidays I promise I’ll send the picture to Santa or the Easter bunny.

Monica Davey 1 year ago

These are actually really good. Taking a picture of a toy in the store is genius.

Jessica Teel 1 year ago

Creed .. See m&m’s are a moms secret weapon!!

Jackie Page Scrivner 1 year ago

My four year old daughter has been having major tantrums. I’ve tried ignoring her, but that makes it worse. We’ve tried holding her and trying to calm her down until it stops. Sometimes that works, but other times it makes her even more mad. I’m so lost on what to do.

Ashley 1 year ago

Haaaaa, I loved this! Damn, where were you when I had twin toddlers?! The crayons at the doctor’s would’ve added 10 years to my life. Sadly, those years are lost forever. Hilarious post, and helpful. :)

Joanne Reed 1 year ago

When my children were out of sorts all I had to do was start reading their favorite book to them and offer up my lap, worked every time.

Ursula Riedmueller Tarsio 1 year ago

Collecting advice for the not-to-distant future??

Rebecca Moree 1 year ago

My daughter threw them and I ignored them and she is a wonderful well developed and mannered child. As I said before, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT and every parent deals with things differently. Ignoring works for some people…and for some it doesn’t. I just can’t imagine supporting a bad behavior in any way, finding ways to keep them busy during times a tantrum may arise makes sense and I have done that…but rewarding bad behavior and tantrums just doesn’t sit right with me. I am glad that your method worked with your kids and that mine worked with mine :)

Wendy Guevara Cano 1 year ago

Good to knw!

Julie Price 1 year ago

Best parenting advice yet! :)

Emmi 1 year ago

Haha! My DS has been having tantrums since 14 months. He’s now 20 months and I’m six months pregnant. I’ll definitely be using these tips; thank you!!

April Paulsen 1 year ago

I don’t agree with a few. I do ignore to a degree. If I happen to have a tantrum in store. We have time out right then and there. In an aisle out of the way of course. I’ve had a couple people compliment me. Made me feel good when I feel at the end of my rope. I do the wish list but with amazon.

Jessica Sato 1 year ago

My method is laugh quietly to yourself and ignore them because I’m not acknowledging that behavior and if I’m in public I can always play the “whose child is this!?”

Danielle Matthews 1 year ago

Love those restaurant crayons! You can also get them at party stores, along with character coloring books and mini bottles of bubbles.

Robyne Chabant 1 year ago

You are missing the most important one of all….. a swift smack on the backside!! Sorry!! I’m old school and that sorted my son out the first and only time he ever threw a wobble!! Not “beating him to death” but a loud noise on his nappy!!

Tess Bryan 1 year ago

Personally, I’m a big fan of the “point and laugh” method of dealing with tantrums… only really effective on children 3 years plus.

Pattie 1 year ago

I am so far past the toddler stage that faded photographs are my memories. But reading this did conjure up the memory of my Drama Queen requiring 3 effing Barbie Band-Aids for a teensy-tiny scratch. Booze is always good for a first-aid kit. It kills things, like germs.

Keeper of The Fruit Loops 1 year ago

Picky pants. Rutabagas. Whiskey in the first aid kit. You are my kind of mom, Foxy Wine Pocket. Strong work….and can someone get a lollipop for my first aid kit, stat?

Amy Brabant 1 year ago

Most of these will still work on an 8 year old. Just sayin’. You rock.

Amelia Brummund 1 year ago

The wish list thing is brilliant

Christine Burke 1 year ago

Picky pants. Rutabagas. Whiskey in the first aid kit. You are my kind of mom. Nice work, FoxyWinePocket!

Sue Silverman 1 year ago

My toddler just turned 3 yesterday…I always have crayons. Or a pen, makes her feel like a “big girl” like her sisters. I bribe all the time….

Charisse Fourie 1 year ago

whahaha! That’s hilarious (and useful!) My LO is only 14 months and the tantrums have already started…give me strength….and wine…lots and lots of wine!

Sarah 1 year ago

Thank you for this. No one ever told me that the terrible twos actually start at just over a year old. Worse, he doesn’t understand bribes yet. I feel like printing this up and keeping it in my purse for the next time he has a meltdown in the store…or the doctor’s office…or at church…or at home…

Caroline Edwards 1 year ago

My best method is hugging my toddler. Works every time, though all kids are different.

Laura Baker 1 year ago

Ya wup that ass

Lauren Weiss 1 year ago

I’m going to use the “wish list” thing. Also the mini bottles of wine.

Kathleen Eade McGonigle 1 year ago

I love the crayons at the doctors office thing! Never thought of that. And if you want to bribe your child without them knowing it’s a bribe, just phrase it differently. Say “you can only earn m&ms in the car if you leave without crying.” That way it’s a privilege they are earning with good behavior.

Lauren Wilensky Weingard 1 year ago

These are great!

Nwanne Casey 1 year ago

Bwahahaha thank you!!

Katherine Sanders Ray 1 year ago

Funny but agree with Rebecca Moore except the ignore part. Address the behavior & redirect with appropriate responses. Tantrums only get bigger & uglier with the child’s age. Teachers everywhere will thank you for stopping it now.

Martha Gail Jordan 1 year ago

#4 is genius but crayons don’t work for a monster child who’d rather break them apart and throw them at your head than actually color.

Rebecca Moree 1 year ago

Angie, while I agree that you shouldn’t ignore your child all the time…during tantrums for me and for most if my friends and family it has been a very effective method. As soon as they stop the tantrum and speak normally we talk with them to explain that throwing a tantrum is not the way to get what you want. Everyone parents differently….we can all be happy that our way worked with our kids and theirs worked with their kids :)

Francis Thomas-Nunez 1 year ago

Why reward bad behavior?

Jeannie Henry 1 year ago

Love this! Never thought about the mini alcohol bottle hehehe

Jenna Muncer 1 year ago

Dare I say it? The iPad comes with us to the Dr.’s office. They’ve made us wait for HOURS before.

Rebecca Moree 1 year ago

These are funny…however every one of them is encouraging the kid to have more tantrums…ignoring them is the best option if you can do it.

Angie Shadduck 1 year ago

Um- don’t ignore your child. Unless you want to show them you don’t care about them and want them to do even more to attempt to get your attention and affection. Part of a parents job- as tedious as it is- is to let them know they are important, but not the center of the universe. If you ignore the tantrums, they will get worse.

Kathryn Richards 1 year ago

LOL!!!! This is amazingly hilarious!

Deborah Fredell 1 year ago

Love the “wish list”. I’m glad “ignore” is not on the list. My kids would go on FOREVER if I tried ignoring then. Seriously, ignoring tantrums in public is stupid.

Stephanie F-s 1 year ago

Hilarious!!! Will follow these tips for sure. Mini wine bottles included.

Kimberly Thompson 1 year ago

Love this! It’s been a few years since I’ve had to deal with toddlerhood with my oldest and I needed a refresher for when the baby gets there. :)

Jane Graham 1 year ago

Love them all….to be used by us normal moms

Tara Jane Grier 1 year ago

The only tip should be : ignore