Trust Me, You Need This Sweary Coloring Book In Your Life

by Christine Burke
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Let’s face it: Women are badass.

From juggling challenging careers to managing kid schedules like bosses to standing up for social issues that are important to us, women are fucking awesome. We give our hearts and souls to those around us, never wavering in our devotion to our families. In short, we are superheroes without capes.

But being a superhero is tiring. And filled with tension. Basically, we are stressed AF superheroes. Because kids and jobs and life are exhausting. Wonder Woman made it look easy, amiright?

Sometimes, we need to lose the cape, pull on our favorite leggings, and slow the hell down. What better way to relax is there than to break out the colored pencils, pour a glass of wine, and color our stresses away?

I’m totally serious.

When adult coloring books hit the markets a few years ago, I jumped on that bandwagon with gusto. I love the relaxation that comes with mindlessly coloring in the lines of a beautifully illustrated coloring book. Throw in a glass of wine and some soothing music, and this mama is on the train to Happy Town.

So you can imagine that when I saw Jen Meyers’s book, “You’re the Shit: A Totally Inappropriate Self-Affirming Adult Coloring Book,” I nearly lost my shit in excitement.

Her sweary adult coloring book is filled with empowering phrases and designs geared to help women remember that they are awesome. Phrases like, “You’ve got this,” and a whale telling you that “you are a metric ton of awesome” are gorgeously illustrated and just waiting for your freshly sharpened colored pencils.

You might need to frame these masterpieces for your office, or bathroom — wherever you need the most inspiration.

This coloring book is totally the shit. And so are you. For $10, I might have to have another one.

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