Target Is Selling Adorable Punk Rock Pumpkins For Halloween

by Julie Scagell
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Who doesn’t love spiked pumpkins?

Summer is slowly coming to an end and as kids go back to school, it means we have a minute to contemplate the future — and by future, I mean Halloween decorations. If you’re looking to add a little attitude to this year’s decor, Target just released a line of pumpkins that’ll have everyone channeling the inner headbanger in all of us.

The retail giant has us covered once again, this time with their Hyde & EEK collection, sure to make even the most drab living room feel aesthetically pleasing. And oh, so creepy! They’ve already wowed us with their line of Halloween succulents and now they’ve released their punk rock pumpkins that have studs where smiling faces used to be — and we’re here for it.


“Step outside of jack-o’-lanterns and amp up your Halloween decoration game with the Studded Halloween Pumpkin,” one description on their website reads. The pumpkins come in black and white and orange, if you’re still a traditionalist at heart, with an array of metallic studs and laser cut-outs, decorated in various metallic coloring and design.

These definitely aren’t your mama’s pumpkins.



These pumpkins send your neighbors the message “don’t mess with us,” but also “please come in for some spiked apple cider.”

And if you’re looking to send a softer message, there are adorable moon and stars pumpkins that are still edgy, but in a Cyndi Lauper circa 1990 sort of way. This white pumpkin decoration “adds a touch of magical charm to your otherwise eerie Halloween decor, thanks to its pattern of white crescent moons and stars,” the description reads.

At only $6 a pop, they are a must-buy this holiday season.


There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween, which is half the fun of the holiday. It’s the only day you can decorate your lawn with zombies, skeletons, and men with machetes and not get arrested. Plus, you can scare the crap out of the neighborhood kids you don’t really like, all in the name of good old-fashioned family fun!

If you’ve been keeping up on the news, if the National Trick-or-Treat Day passes legislation, we’ll have even one more day to keep up our decorations (and who doesn’t want an excuse for that) on the last Saturday of October to cater to working families and little ones.


The line is as affordable, all items coming in at $10 or under and will be available online and in stores on September 8. There are also 3-piece bundle packs for the commitment adverse, so you can try a few out before landing on your faves.


Bring on the pumpkin-spiced lattes, the cool, crisp weather, and Halloween shopping. It can’t come soon enough!

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