The 'TaTa Top' Is Awesome (And Raising Money For TaTa Charities)

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A first glance you may think the TaTa Top is just a flesh-colored bikini top made to look like a real set of hooters, but when you look again, it’s so much more than that.

The TaTa Top was founded by Robyn and Michelle Lyle, a couple from Chicago. The two came up with the brilliant idea after Robyn told Michelle a story about hosting two Dutch women who were not familiar with the laws in America, which forces women to cover their nipples at all times.

The two were used to letting it all out at the beaches back home, so while visiting one in Chicago they bared it all, not thinking they were doing anything wrong.

Things got really confusing when they were told by a male lifeguard (whose nipples were exposed), that they had to cover up. Robyn found herself unable to explain to her two new Dutch friends why they couldn’t show their nips in America, but men could. And just like that, they decided they had a calling and started making a bikini top that made it look like the wearer was walking around topless, even though they weren’t.

They explain their mission on their website: “From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to use a sense of humor to shed light on some serious issues while simultaneously raising funds and awareness for two areas we are extremely passionate about: breast cancer awareness and women’s rights.”

For each top you purchase, TaTa Top will donate $5 to a variety of organizations on a rotating basis including Chicago Women’s Health Center, Planet Access Company, and The Keep A Breast Foundation, a nonprofit aiming to spread the word on breast education since 2000 by empowering woman with art exhibitions, the Non Toxic Revolution, and their “I love boobies!” campaign. Their main focus is giving young women confidence about breast self-awareness.

Their bras come in three colors: light, medium, and dark tone, and range in sizes from AA–DD. And for only $28, you can rock one while also supporting breast cancer awareness and women’s rights.

Robyn and Michelle wanted to do something that challenged the status quo and would draw attention to the sexism women face in America. They have done it! Their business started after they shipped over 700 orders from their home and has been gaining momentum ever since. The TaTa Top has been featured by MTV, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Shape to name a few.

While the top may seem like it’s just for fun, the pair really has a brilliant idea. They are having a positive effect on women, young and old, and empowering us all when it comes to our amazing bodies.

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