Teacher Goes Viral For Teaching Kids To Wipe Butt With Balloons

by Madison Vanderberg
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A preschool teacher’s video instructing kids to wipe using balloons has gone viral

Preschool teachers don’t really hit the “wipe front to back” memo during school hours. Usually, parents teach their kids how to wipe their butts. But what if parents didn’t? And what if teachers taught that lesson using balloon butts? Stay with us…

An unnamed teacher at a school outside the U.S. has gone viral after a video of her teaching preschool-aged kids how to wipe their butt hit the web.

Everything about this video is perfection. The tiny chairs, the balloon butts, the methodical wiping, the tissue paper folding technique, the very small kids sitting very still in those tiny chairs.

The creative teacher in the video is unknown, but it is believed that the school is abroad as wipe lessons are not common in American preschools. However, since most American preschools expect kids over the age of three to use the bathroom independently, maybe they should throw some balloons on the chair and start to teach wiping etiquette? As one very astute Twitter commenter pointed out, “y’all know damn well little kids BARELY EVER wipe correctly…add on that they probably listen to their teacher more than they listen to their parent(s), this is a great idea.”

Most people on Twitter praised the inventive teacher.

And of course, you had a number of offended parents who believe this should only be taught at home.

For some of the haters, it was the “eww” factor that put them off. But like, how are you gonna read Everyone Poops to your kid and then not be cool with pooping lessons in school? It’s all just bodies doing what they do.

One Twitter user pointed out that having parents and teachers both emphasize proper wiping etiquette might hammer home the point, especially since it takes some kids a long time to figure out how to wipe on their own.

“Sometimes neither the parents have the knowledge that why there ar so much urinary tract infection in young children, (specially girls) because the asepsis must be done from the vagina to the anus. Health education not necessarily must be done at home,” the Twitter user wrote. Or as someone else wrote, “You could say the same thing about sex Ed, I see it as part of teaching kids about the body in general.”

There’s probably a number of preschool teachers who don’t want to lead the butt lesson, and we totally get that, but if any preschool teachers out there want to sit on a tiny chair and wipe some balloons, who are we to stop them? Bravo to this ingenious and anonymous school teacher. You are literally doing the Lord’s work.

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