Teen Banned From Soccer League For These Funny Reasons

Teen Banned From Soccer League For Hilariously Impressive List Of Reasons

Image via Twitter

A teen boy is banned from a soccer league for a number of reasons and shared the list detailing his zany antics.

Sometimes, teenagers can be button pushers. It’s kind of in their job description and hey, you’re only young once — now’s the time to have fun. However, the goofy antics have to be set aside in certain scenarios and teens need to take things seriously. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh at some of the silly things they do. Such is the case with this teen who was given a laugh-out-loud list of reasons he was banned from his soccer league. As parents, we shouldn’t laugh. But it’s hard not to.

According to Someecards, 17-year-old Brian Garruto was banned from his Cleveland U17/U18 co-ed soccer league for the most hilariously impressive list of reasons. He tweeted the email he received from the league and it’s a thing of beauty. Behold.

Reading them like this, they sound so utterly ridiculous but clearly, this is disruptive behavior unbecoming of a kid his age. The highlights:

Making a phone call on the field
Refusing to wear shin guards
Pretending to shoot bow and arrow at opposing players after scoring
Running into goal while hiding ball in shirt
Sitting on opposing team’s bench
Wearing cowboy hat during game
Scoring 14 goals with 3 goal limit per player
Eating banana on field
Giving birth to soccer ball after scoring
Wearing natural, light tank top as uniform

Sorry, not sorry, this is simply amazing. As a mother, I wouldn’t condone it and would probably feel humiliated if he were my child, but you have to admit: this is hysterical. There’s something to be said for having a sense of humor and not taking sports or activities too seriously.

Of course, it’s understandable that the league couldn’t let him continue making a mockery of the games, but this kid sounds incredibly entertaining. Giving birth to the soccer ball? Wearing a cowboy hat? We’re willing to bet plenty of spectators were giggling at his antics.

In a time where parents are sometimes booted from the stands for going overboard during their kid’s sporting event, it’s actually sort of refreshing to see a teen just out there having a good time. We know his behavior isn’t great, but it’s not like he’s out there tripping anyone or being a bad sport. He’s enjoying himself and probably making people laugh in the process. It’s hard to be stern in the face of such a funny list.


While his parents would have every right to be angry with him, I hope they don’t go too hard on their zany and fun-loving son. It sounds like he’s a pretty creative and theatrical soul who might better serve the world with his talents somewhere other than a soccer field. Maybe sports aren’t his thing, but it sounds like he could totally have a career in stand-up comedy.