Tess Holliday Celebrates Anniversary Of Leaving Her Abusive Relationship

Tess Holiday/Instagram

Tess Holliday shared the most joyful photos of her family vacation, revealing in her caption that she’s celebrating two years since she left an abusive relationship

Model Tess Holliday took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 11, to share a carousel of photos from a family vacation to Palm Springs, and it seems her crew is enjoying plenty of fun in the sun. The trip also marks an important milestone for Holliday, as she shared in the caption of her post, revealing that she’s celebrating the two-year anniversary of leaving an “abusive relationship” — and she opened up about how far she’s come since then.

“Hi from my first family vacay with my dad, step-mom, brother, and my two boys in Palm Springs y’all,” she began. “I woke up here today and noticed the date — August 11th — 2 years ago today, I left my abusive relationship. Now, here I am with both of my boys, having reconnected with family & enjoying our time together, when I never imagined being here before.”


“It ain’t perfect, but I wanted to share this moment with y’all because 2 years ago, I didn’t want to even be alive,” she continued. “I was hurt, lost, and couldn’t picture a life that didn’t cause me pain. Today, life can still be challenging, duh, but I have developed the tools and support systems that I need to face those challenges. I have reconnected with family and disconnected from toxic elements that were in my life.”

“Healing is possible, y’all. I’m living proof. I couldn’t be here without my family (chosen and birth family), my community, or y’all — so thank you.💞ITS A HOT & HEALING GIRL SUMMER!!!! ALSO YES BOWIE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH TODAY OMFG!!!??”


Though Holliday didn’t clarify in her post, she opened up earlier this year about her “abusive, unhealthy, toxic” marriage to ex Nick Holliday, whom she wed in 2015 and has since divorced. She acknowledged that many impacted by intimate partner violence “don’t get that choice [to walk away safely], it’s stolen from them,” adding, “Not everyone gets to walk away (claw my way out in my case) and feel the sun kissing their skin, and I hold space for those that we have lost to intimate partner violence.”

It certainly seems like Holliday and her family have much to celebrate these days — from her son losing her first tooth (that precious photo!!) to enjoying some rest and relaxation with her nearest and dearest, she deserves to soak up every bit of goodness in this next phase of her life.