The Bachelor Peter Weber Is Playing Games. No Really, He Is.


The Bachelor Peter Weber Is Playing Games. No Really, He Is.

by Team Scary Mommy
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Peter Weber isn’t giving us any spoilers but he’s definitely giving us some dating advice. Recently, we sat down with The Bachelor and challenged him to a game of ‘Yay or Nay’ and let’s just say he’s got a lot of to say. Subscribe to Scary Mommy TV here.

So, where does Peter Weber stand on first date etiquette? Peter says it’s okay to text one day after a first date but no cell phones during the date. Yaas, Peter! We can get on board with that. When it comes to talking about babies on the first date, Peter says that’s okay too. Wow, he’s brave! But splitting the bill on a first date? That’s where Peter draws the line. Peter says “I’ve always been a believer in chivalry and I just feel weird not doing it.” This sounds good to us. We will take the filet mignon and a fancy dessert.

Want to know more about Peter? Check out this episode of Yay or Nay with Peter Weber and don’t forget to check out our extended interview with The Bachelor here. Most importantly subscribe to Scary Mommy TV on YouTube so you never miss our celebrity interviews.

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