The Bachelor Peter Weber Hints At Who Will Win The Final Rose | Scary Mommy Speaks


The Bachelor Peter Weber Hints At Who Will Win The Final Rose | Scary Mommy Speaks

by Team Scary Mommy
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The Bachelor Peter Webber tells all about kissing multiple women, drama, Hannah and what it’s like to be at the center of one of televisions most watched reality television shows. Subscribe to Scary Mommy here.

Well, one thing is for sure, Peter isn’t shy when it comes to kissing. Although he claims that a lot of conversations are edited out of the show and the producers show most of the make-out sessions, he does admit to being a passionate guy. “I’m not going to change myself, that’s who I am.” Preach! But let’s be honest, how many conversations are really going on? Between the kissing and crying, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time for Peter to really talk to the ladies. Okay, let’s be honest, maybe that’s for the best?

When it comes to watching the show, Peter admits that he does watch the Bachelor each week, as it airs. “It’s very weird…” he says but goes on to reveal that “I try to kinda do it by myself.” Same. We bet reliving those moments must be AWKWARD. I mean, would you want to watch yourself dating different people on national television, in front of friends and family? Can you say “embarrassing?” Yikes.

Okay, fine. He watches the show as it airs but what about watching all the drama that he didn’t know about? Peter isn’t holding back and tells us “It’s brought up some like bitter emotions sometimes.” Um, yeah. Remember Alayah? Thankfully, Peter heeded the warnings of the women in the house and asked Alayah to peace out during week 4. We give Peter props for actually listening to her housemates. How refreshing is that? Now, if only he listened all the time? Just sayin’.

Thankfully, the hometown dates are over and boy, did that not go as planned. Poor Victoria’s family lost out on their meet-and-greet which was a big disappointment but Peter is happy he followed his heart. How can you argue with that? I mean, we could probably argue with THAT but we won’t. At least not yet.

Now we’re down to two; Madison and Hannah Ann. What will happen? It’s anyone’s guess but Peter has given us a little clue as to how this season of the Bachelor might end. “It was a very unexpected ending. It was nothing I could have predicted for how it was going to go. I literally deal with stuff until the very last day.” Say what? Now we’re more confused than ever. Will he pick Hanna Ann or end up Madison? I mean, Peter did tell Madison’s father that he was falling in love with her. OMG! So many things to think about. We will be waiting with bated breath for the finale and like Peter has done all season, we will be watching it all alone. We hope.

The Bachelor airs on ABC, Mondays at 8/7 C

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