The Rock Shares Little Boy's Powerful Message About Preventing Domestic Abuse

by Valerie Williams

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a video message from a 5-year-old boy about the importance of preventing domestic abuse

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson pretty much has a heart of gold and shows it all the time on his social media accounts. Most recently, the actor shared a post highlighting the message of a five-year-old boy who sent him a powerful video about preventing violence against women.

“Just watched and this one just sat me down,” Johnson writes. “A bit emotional watching this 5yr old little boy speak to me.” He addresses the child, named Angelou Brown, telling him he can call him “Uncle Rock.”

The video features Brown spreading the word for She Is Not Your Rehab, a group created by the child’s father aiming to empower men in addressing their domestic violence issues in order to keep families and women safe. Johnson replied to the Kiwi-Samoan boy in true “The Rock” fashion telling him he’s “proud” of him. “I admire your father, greatly for standing up and creating @sheisnotyourrehab. And to make sure his mom – your Nana – will never be forgotten. Encouraging men all over the world to treat our women with respect, love and most importantly, violence free,” Johnson writes.

In the precious message, Brown pleads with the “strongest man on the planet” to help spread the word about how domestic violence is hurting women and their families. “Dear Mr Rock, my name is Angelou Brown and I am 5 years old. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand,” he begins.


Noting that he and his dad are Samoan which probably makes them all “cousins,” the child explains a gift he sent the actor — a t-shirt bearing the name of his dad’s organization. “Not just any T-shirt. This T-shirt my dad and my uncles wear to encourage other men to treat girls well,” the boy explains. “Men all around New Zealand, the Pacific, and even the whole wide world because his mum, my nana, had a sad life when they were growing up with lots of fights at home.”

Brown shares that his paternal grandmother was a victim of domestic abuse and had to stay in shelters telling Johnson, “It was sad for my dad to watch her get hurt a lot.”

“My dad says it’s his mission to help other men to heal so their wives don’t have sad lives like Nana did,” Brown says. His Nana is sick with lung cancer and his dad is using She Is Not Your Rehab to share her story. “If you wear this T-shirt then I think they will listen to you and we can help houses everywhere be violence-free,” he says.

Of course, Johnson was very receptive to the child’s message. “You stay strong, Angelou and keep listening to your Nana and your parents. One day you will become the leader of your aiga and also a leader the world will admire. And tell your sister to stop showing you pictures of me wearing a fanny pack!” he jokes, referring to a part in the video where the boy’s sister does exactly that.

Johnson closes by telling the child that his office will be contacting his family, so stay tuned for more on this budding partnership.