The Rock Shares Intimate Wedding Footage To Celebrate 1st Anniversary

by Valerie Williams
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Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

The Rock shared a loving tribute to his wife along with never-before-seen footage of their romantic Hawaiian wedding ceremony

It’s been long established that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an amazing girl dad, but he’s also a loving husband who regularly gushes about his beautiful wife, Lauren Hashian. Today is the couple’s first wedding anniversary and the actor took to Instagram with a sweet tribute that includes his own words, intimate never-before-seen footage from their wedding ceremony, and a song Hashian wrote and performed for their special day last summer.

“The mate to my soul,” he captioned the sweet post. “One year ago today, on August 18, 2019 – I had the honor of marrying @laurenhashianofficial.

Later that night she surprised me with this beautiful song, ‘Step Into A Love Like This’ that she wrote and sang herself in honor of our marriage.”

“From the moment I heard the song’s opening line, of ‘…every angel in heaven is singing for us today…’ as tribute to our loved ones who’ve passed away and no longer with us – I got very emotional. As I still get emotional today when I hear those words and watch this wedding footage,” he writes. The song Hashian wrote for the occasion plays in the video he shared.

Excuse me while I wipe a tear or 12. Johnson’s emotional tribute to his beloved follows the theme of him totally worshipping the women and girls in his life. He’s well-known for his sweet posts for his daughters on their birthdays or just because. This is a guy thrilled to be surrounded by strong female energy, so of course his wedding anniversary posts are going to be all sorts of adorable.

“I’m not a writer, so all I can do is speak from my heart and gut — and other than my three daughters being born — this is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Bottom line, I’m a lucky and grateful husband, father and man to have such an amazing woman by my side through this unpredictable, yet beautiful thing we call life,” he gushes.

Of course, he didn’t leave out the pair’s young daughters, who played their own role in the couple’s wedding day. “Special shout to my extremely loving daughters, Jazzy and Tia for accompanying daddy as I got down on my knee to do the honors of asking for Lauren’s hand in marriage. Technically, she never said, ‘YES!’ as she just bursted out laughing and then ugly crying, BUT I’ll take that response on the Hawaiian cliffs any day,” he writes.

And we’ve all officially melted.

When they got married last year, Johnson happily shared photos from their ceremony and the love for family shines through every snap. It looked like a truly love-filled day.

Clearly, their first year of marriage was everything they dreamed of. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!

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