15 Things That Stress Parents Out (Sponsored)

by Scary Mommy
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1. Lice.

2. Summer vacation.

3. Having the talk.

4. Snow days.

5. The lack of veggies in diets.

6. Back to school shopping.

7. The sound of an entire box of Lego’s being dumped on the floor.

8. Playing Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

9. Eerie silence from multiple children.

10. A missing permanent marker.

11. Or even worse, a rogue pair of scissors.

12. Hearing a sentence that starts with “I know you’re in a bad mood, but…”

13. Cooking dinner… every freaking night.

14. Planning birthday parties.

15. Saving for college.

That last one… yeah, that’s a biggie.

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As you probably guessed by now, this post is sponsored by T. Rowe Price.

Now go hide the permanent marker and scissors.

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