“STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!” and 24 Other Things You Say To Your Family in a Pandemic


“STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!” and 24 Other Things You Say To Your Family in a Pandemic

by Team Scary Mommy
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Parenting through a pandemic is yet another thing no one wrote about in the baby books. Subscribe to Scary Mommy here: https://bit.ly/3bBD9VI

Where is the chapter on how to homeschool children, make sure no one gets a fever, look profesh on video calls and try not to watch too much COVID-19 coverage on the news?

Luckily, Momsplained by Scary Mommy has this covered. In this episode of Momsplained, we tackle twenty-five phrases that moms will need on repeat until life gets back to normal. For example, how many times have you said: “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!” today? All perfect mom bets are off during a global pandemic, so let’s just own all the lingo that we will need in the fight against COVID-19.

And speaking of lingo, now is the time expand your children’s vocabulary with key words they will need during this challenging time. Staying home is a breeze compared to enticing a kid to enjoy a meal made of mostly canned foods from Trader Joes. Here’s a fun spin: challenge your family to a taste test. See who can tell a chickpea from a garbanzo bean and our personal favorite skipjack tuna versus albacore. These are the life lessons that a homeschoolers paradise is made of. They say what’s for dinner you say – spell canned artichokes. Life lessons Rachel! Embrace it.

One thing not to embrace is hoarding. Toilet paper is in short supply which is a great reason not to stress over the veggies no one ate – this is not the time for extra fiber Sarah! So join us in the one piece of t.p for pee and two for number two movement. (Ha, no pun intended).

There is no rule book for the biggest health crisis in history. Even our main squeeze Dr. Fauci admits that there are still many unknowns. The only musts are kindness, staying the f home and being easy with ourselves when it gets even harder. We are moms and we will get through this. Girl bye, you’ve been momsplained.

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