#CleanTok Is My New Obsession—Because Look At This Cool Sh*t

by Kristen Mae
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princessporcupine425/hollyauna/Tik Tok

I’ve been cleaning my house all wrong. Or so it seems, according to the TikTok cleaning hack rabbit hole in which I currently find myself, aka #CleanTok. Did you know dryer sheets and fabric softener will clean just about anything? So will baking soda and vinegar. Did you know that Bar Keeper’s Friend powdered cleanser exists and is basically magic in powdered form? And that some people are obsessed with Scrub Daddies? And that good ol’ fashioned Dawn dish soap is useful for … everything?

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Few things are more mesmerizing than watching dirty things get clean. So, whether you’re looking for some amazing cleaning hacks to get your home to that Next Level of sparkling clean or you just enjoy a good before and after, here are some accounts and hacks to watch on TikTok — and if you’re familiar with TikTok’s creepily all-knowing algorithm, you know it will quickly determine whether you need more genius cleaning hacks in your life.

Vanesa Amaro’s clear step-by-step on how to get your shower dazzlingly clean almost makes me want to clean my bathroom. Amaro is THE goddess of #CleanTok. Her videos are quick-moving, entertaining, useful, and kind. That’s right, cleaning videos can be kind.

In retrospect, this seems like the most obvious way to clean a blender.

This woman uses her oven to clean her baking pans. I thought I was just supposed to give up and start lining them with aluminum foil.

Um, gross? When’s the last time you vacuumed your fridge coils? Who even thinks of that? But apparently doing so two or three times per year makes your fridge run more efficiently.

Laundry. Stripping. Apparently nothing we wash is actually clean. *side eyes my sheets*

Cleaning fan blades with a pillow case — brilliant. Though, to be fair, your vacuum’s hose attachment will work pretty well for this too.

This is an ad. I got mesmerized by an ad. Damn you, TikTok.

Apparently we’re supposed to be removing our toilet seats when we clean our toilets. This is new information for me. But how satisfying is this? This is a great account to follow if you enjoy before and after transformations like I do.

You can use fabric softener to clean your walls.

Make your bed smell good with these genius hacks. I’m definitely trying this one.

This one blew my mind. Eleven years ago, while pregnant, I kicked over a can of paint in my daughter’s room. I cut out the carpet and replaced it with a square from the closet. I had no idea you just shop vac it up. Mind blown.

Dryer sheets on shower doors are magical.

Baking soda to clean your stainless steel sink. Watching this video is like therapy.

And one more from Vanesa, my favorite #CleanTok creator. Her nightly routine. So calming to watch before I fall asleep while my own sink remains half full of dishes.

Not that watching videos of cleaning hacks is necessarily going to fling me off my couch and into a frantic deep-cleaning session of my house. I watch these videos the same way I watch home decor shows — filled with admiration and only a vague sense that I could do that too, if I put my mind to it, but usually I don’t feel like putting my mind to it.

One day soon, I swear.

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