Fox News Doubles Down On GMA Host Laughing About Boys Taking Ballet Lessons

by Sarah Bregel
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Image via Fox News

Travis Wall came out strong against the Fox News commentators who mocked Lara Spencer’s apology, as well as men who dance

Good Morning America host, Lara Spencer, made a heartfelt apology to male dancers recently after her insensitive comments about Prince George taking ballet caused a ruckus. And it was a beautiful thing to see! But leave it to Fox News hosts to make a mockery out of that. That’s what happened on Laura Ingraham’s show, The Ingraham Angle. Commentators Raymond Arroyo and Ingraham herself, took the bullying further, actually mocking Spencer’s apology.

Yes, really.

It’s super gross and enraging, but calm down for just a second because famed choreographer, Travis Wall, was all over it. He wasn’t here for the mockery (as a super successful dancer and two time Emmy award winner for So You Think You Can Dance, why would he be?) and he let the hosts have it on Instagram.

He shared the video of the gross display of bullying, as well as his own, much more eloquent thoughts.

“I hope she offends a mechanic next so the boys know how to change the oil of a car,” he wrote, quoting Raymond Arroyo. “MEANING. If you do ballet. You don’t know how to do something that makes you masculine. Funny enough. A woman taught me how to change a tire. This country has a massive bullying problem. Broadcasted in our own backyard.”

It’s really enraging that these two hosts thought Spencer’s apology was something to make fun of. They not only mocked Spencer, they mocked men who dance, and for a brief moment it seemed like they even mocked the act of making apologies in general! They went far beyond a verbal slip up, and really made it clear they weren’t okay with men doing anything not seen as manly enough. Toxic masculinity much?

Anyway, dancing looks pretty manly to us… no?

Clearly, the hosts did not understand the teaching moment that happened on GMA. Either way, their mindset is dated. It’s cruel. And it does a disservice to young people who want to be free to pursue their passions without ridicule. As we learned last week, that’s not always easy for male dancers.

“To be angry is a choice,” Wall’s post went on. “I just feel sorry for anyone that has to wake up everyday and wear those shoes that their feet fill. If he has a child, I hope they find courage and support to live out any dream they have, even though they might not have support under their own roof. #boysdancetoo #bully”.

At least, these two hosts got called out by one of the best in the biz. It’s still a bit disheartening that the mindset that it’s okay to make fun of men for not being “masculine” enough is something that people– especially people who have the privilege of sharing their views on TV with a massive audience– think is okay.

It’s 2019. Men dance. Get over it already.

That’s exactly why 300 dancers gathered outside GMA studios for an impromtu dance class in light of Spencer’s comments. I mean, how is that not a testament enough to the not-so-radical idea that men should be able to pursue their passions?

Here’s hoping any young boys with dreams to dance can keep on moving in spite of any mockery that comes their way. And here’s to men like Travis Wall speaking out and making those paths a little easier to navigate.

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