10 Unbeleafably Cute Tree Coloring Pages To Entertain Your Tiny Tree Huggers

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Tree Coloring Pages
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Trees are such a fascinating part of nature, aren’t they? They provide us with so many essentials, like toilet paper, furniture, and even, you know, oxygen. We discovered a long time ago that without trees, humans wouldn’t be able to live on our planet (hence the massive push to plant trees and end deforestation during the last several decades). If you’re forest-obsessed, you already know how vital trees can be and understand their sheer loveliness. So, tree huggers like you — or your little wildling who enjoys climbing and identifying every tree they can — are probably happy to embrace any tree-centered activity. And you’re in luck because, today, that includes tree coloring pages. We’ve created a collection of free printables you’ve got to see to be-leaf.

After all, loving the trees just makes sense. Not only do they provide us a place to climb or swing, but they also help sustain life. Not just ours, either. Think of all the creatures you see in or around trees: birds, chipmunks, pesky squirrels, and a ton of different insects and bugs. Even larger wildlife, like bears, use trees for safety and comfort. Cubs might hide high up in trees to avoid predators, and bigger bears even use trees to scratch their backs. And when they’re really desperate for food? Bears have been known to eat tree bark.

Alas, adventuring through the woods to explore nature isn’t always an option — we’re looking at you, rainy days! That’s why these tree coloring pages are such a treat (or should we say tree-t?). You’ll also be happy to know that coloring activities produce all kinds of skills that will help your kiddo be ready for kindergarten. And, as a bonus, we’re including some pretty cool facts about the wonders of trees. When your little naturalist finishes these tree coloring pages, turn over a new leaf with our flower coloring pages, jungle coloring pages, forest coloring pages, and nature coloring pages.

Free Printable Tree Coloring Pages

Tree Page No. 1

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You know trees provide clean air for us, but do you have any clue how much work they actually do? The U.S. Forest Service estimates that between 1990 and 2007, trees removed one-third of all fossil fuel emissions from our air. That’s some impressive work!

Tree Page No. 2

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Love the tree-lined streets in your neighborhood? You should! Not only are they pretty, but scientists estimate that they reduce indoor air pollution by 50 percent. That means those gorgeous dogwoods are helping you feel better even when you’re inside. (Though, they might still bother your allergies. Sorry.)

Tree Page No. 3

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Born from a Japanese concept called shinrin-yoku, “nature bathing” (or a walk in the woods) has been scientifically proven to help improve moods and reduce stress levels. But even if you can’t walk through the trees, just seeing them can help. A study out of South Korea once found that workers with views of the nearby trees reported feeling less stress.

Tree Page No. 4

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Unlike some other living organisms, trees never die of old age. No cap. Trees can live for thousands of years! You can find the proof as close as California, where their sequoia trees are around 4,000 to 5,000 years old.

Tree Page No. 5

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Want to see something super cool? Scattered across the United States, you can find trees called “moon trees.” These were grown from a group of seeds that traveled with astronauts to the moon. So far, there haven’t been any signs that the trip to the moon affected the trees. You can find moon trees in almost every state, and they should all have plaques to set them apart.

Tree Page No. 6

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Trees don’t grow from the bottom — they grow from the top. In other words, if you hang a birdhouse or bird feeder on a low-hanging, reachable branch on your young but established tree, you’ll notice that it never moved higher from the ground. Your tree might get taller, but you’ll always be able to reach that branch.

Tree Page No. 7

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Is that an oak or maple? Some of us are genuinely awful at identifying trees. In our defense, though, it’s no easy feat. Scientists estimate that there are actually about 60,000 different tree species on Earth. Who has the brain to memorize all those? And can you guess which countries have the highest number of trees? The answer is Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia!

Tree Page No. 8

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Ever wonder how many trees are on our planet? Scientists place current estimates at about three trillion. While that might seem like a lot, consider this: There are roughly 46 percent fewer trees on Earth than there were 12,000 years ago. That means that, at one point, there were roughly double the number of trees we currently have. Imagine how fresh the air was back then!

Tree Page No. 9

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Scientists have found that more than half of those 60,000 tree species only exist in one country, too. That’s wildly impressive but not an unreasonable thing to expect, given how Earth has so many varying climates and environments.

Tree Page No. 10

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Here’s another tree-mendous data point for you. Of the 60,000 tree species, at least 7,500 of them are apple trees. Ever climbed an apple tree? They’re some of the easiest trees to climb since so many have branches that start lower to the ground. On the subject of apples, this fruit has an average of 10 seeds and is part of the rose family! And did you know Johnny Appleseed was a real person? He was an orchardist who traveled across the country planting apple seeds. But the trees he planted weren’t for eating — he grew tart apples, which were used to make hard cider and brandy in distilleries.

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