11 Trippy Coloring Pages Bursting With Kaleidoscopic Details

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Trippy Coloring Pages
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When it comes to coloring pages, there are many varieties. Some are very straightforward. For example, if it’s a teddy bear coloring page, you’ll likely be grabbing all the brown crayons in the box. Others are a little more challenging. Trippy coloring pages stretch your imagination and push you to consider things outside of the realm of realism. Many also serve as a blast to the past, harkening mind-bending decades like the ’60s and ’70s. So, whether you want to explore a different era or need to get out of a slump, these creative coloring pages can help.

Another reason to love trippy coloring pages? They take a lot of time, making them an ideal DIY at-home activity to distract your kids from boredom. Plus, if you’re a homeschooling mom, the following free printables offer an opportunity to teach your child about past generations and how trends evolve (and then come back again!).

So, whenever you’re ready, here are 10 trippy coloring pages to try. Just make sure to have art supplies with fine points. If you’re using colored pencils, you might want to invest in a sharpener to make sure you stay in the lines. Then again, you could lean into the entire trippy theme and just have fun with it! Once you finish these, try other visually dynamic printables like our aesthetic coloring pages, nature coloring pages, flower coloring pages, and even mermaid coloring pages.

Free Printable Trippy Coloring Pages

Trippy Page No. 1

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A lot is going on here. But if you glance at this trippy coloring page like you would a Magic Eye puzzle, you can see an image of a backyard with a large tree. The tree contains many beautiful feathers, perhaps of the birds who once called it home.

Trippy Page No. 2

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Are you a fan of the mountains? This coloring page is unlike many others, as it actually gives off a vibe of peace and tranquility. Consider coloring the spiral rays on top a yellow or gold color to make this art even more inspiring. Fun fact: The tallest mountain in the solar system is on Mars (beat that, Mt. Everest!). It’s called Olympus Mons and is 81,840 feet tall.

Trippy Page No. 3

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At first glance, this looks like something from Pan’s Labyrinth. But look closer — do you see three peacocks? The page will reveal them if you stare long enough. Consider the exquisite birds an invitation to use bright blue, green, and yellow hues on this page. This picture looks a lot like the inside of a kaleidoscope. Did you know that these beautiful telescopes were invented by Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster?

Trippy Page No. 4

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Plan on going on a few live music road trips this summer? Surely it’ll be a great excuse to travel. And you can’t find a cooler or more nostalgic mode of transportation than a vintage VW bus! Color in your fantasy bus with whatever colors speak to you. This bus is totally giving us 70s vibes. But psychedelic patterns weren’t the only feat during this decade. In 1970, the world’s first jumbo jet, the Boeing 747, made its first commercial passenger trip from New York to London. Groovy!

Trippy Page No. 5

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Mushrooms are very intriguing, in a way. Some are delicious, some are deadly, and some can give you some psychedelic effects (ever hear of microdosing mushrooms?). These mushrooms, however, happen to be a family. Color in their home and don’t be afraid to get a bit adventurous.

Trippy Page No. 6

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Out of all the trippy coloring pages thus far, this is the first that looks like a complex project. Settle down with some coloring pencils and carve out some spare time. It could take multiple days to complete a page like this. When finished, you’ll have something you’ll want to frame and put on your wall.

Trippy Page No. 7

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This trippy coloring page looks a lot like a mandala. Have you ever wondered about the origin of this form of spiritual Asian art? The mandala — which means “circle” or “discoid object” in Sanskrit — represents different aspects of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

Trippy Page No. 8

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Ever wonder what it’d be like to live in a mushroom? Chances are, you’d probably have to be a fairy to make it work. The scene here simply welcomes comfort, though. The hammock is a good indicator that you might want to color this one on a chill, relaxing afternoon.

Trippy Page No. 9

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Say hello to another spin on a mushroom house! This page seems more straightforward to enter than the one above, at least. However, our favorite part is the rabbit — who obviously stumbled across this home for the first time.

Trippy Page No. 10

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Finally, this coloring page looks a lot like the sun. While still a challenge, it may be the best page for beginners since it doesn’t have details quite as small as the other trippy coloring pages. Try using golds and silvers for this one to give it the glowing effect you’d expect from a celestial object.

Trippy Page No. 11

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This looks like a fun and magical world! So dive in with some crayons. Fun fact: The largest castle in the world is in Poland. It’s called the Malbork Castle and was founded in 1274. Teutonic knights used it as a headquarter to fight enemies. The reason it’s so big is because it was expanded several times to accommodate the knights’ growing army. Besides being a kingdom’s first line of defense, knights also prided themselves on looking good. Their armor was custom made and usually weighed about 50 pounds.

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