40+ Fairy Names Inspired By Disney, Nature, And More (Plus Meanings)

40+ Inspiring Fairy Names That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

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So, you fancy yourself or your baby as a bit of a fairy, huh? Maybe you relate to woodland sprites. Or maybe you just understand Tinker Bell on a deeper level than most Disney fans. Whatever your reason for loving fairies, know that you’re not alone. People all over the world are obsessed with fairy life. There are actually whole sections of children’s bookstores devoted to the tiny winged creatures. There’s just something so magical and precious about the myth and lore behind fairies.

And maybe a little creepy, too. Did you know the Irish believed that fairies would come in at night and “steal” the breaths of babes? That wasn’t the only less than happy rumor about fairies, either. Multiple cultures and religions have folklores that center around mischievous and often mean fairy-like creatures.

Depending one where you get your fairy lore, you probably have a certain idea of names that work for fairies. If you’re particularly interested in the world of Tinker Bell, you know that sometimes fairies in that realm have fairly normal names that just sound a little, well, magical. Or, often times, their name relates to the “job.” (Tinker Bell, for instance, “tinkers” and invents things.) If you’ve always fancied those delicate, watercolor “Flower Fairies” you probably believe that most fairies have names found in nature: Irish, Peony, Sweet Pear, etc.

Then, of course, the 2000’s brought us a whole new version of fairies tied to literature — especially young adult fiction. In those worlds, we found names like Holly (Artemis Fowl) or Magnus (Laurell K. Hamilton). Even the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, had fairies in his work: Oberon, Puck (Robin Goodfellow), and Titania. Since many fairy stories are based in the United Kingdom (Ireland predominantly), nearly any name of Cornish, Welsh, or Celtic heritage might spring to mind the image of a fairy or pixie. These names, though, are our absolute favorite options for fairy names for your babes.