Hilarious Tweets About Working From Home With Your Partner

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These are trying times for us all. There is so much uncertainty swirling around our minds, and we could all use a dose of comic relief. And what better way to exercise your laugh-maker than to poke fun at your partner who is locked in the house working right alongside you (if you haven’t gone your separate ways by now, that is)?

If you’re feeling like you simply can’t take one more second of listening to them on conference calls, or you had no idea how many glasses they could actually go through in one work day and it’s driving you to the edge, you aren’t alone.

Twitter has been aflutter with funny quotes about what working from home with your lover actually feels like, and we can all relate.

I mean, this is the best plan ever. We don’t need to be criticizing each other during these times. Let’s pass the buck and blame someone else for their messiness. Namely someone who doesn’t exist, will never exist, and won’t mind if they are the cause for all that is going wrong in the house these days.

I think when we hear things like this, we aren’t sure if we’re more attracted to our partners, or less. It’s confusing. On one hand, the leadership is kind of a turn-on … but on the other hand, there are only so many times you can tolerate hearing office-speak phrases like “low-hanging fruit.”

How many of you feel this in your bones? You suspected it all along — and now, when this thing is over, you can bring that fact up so that they can handle dinner and bath time for the evening. Boom.

There’s a reason we try to steer clear of office romances and keep work and “canoodling” in their own lanes. Working and relationships can be a dangerous mix. Even at home.

It’s like a fun game you can play: Who’s the boss here? Let’s act it out and see what happens to keep the relationship on its toes. We all know predictability is boring.

Now this guy knows what’s up. You can never underestimate the power of Easter candy.

I am legit on my sofa with my Macbook air and a spot of tea right now. This is so true it hurts.

Working from home with your spouse can also be incredibly validating. Like, Yes Peter, I actually do bust my ass and focus on my work thankyouverymuch. You can take a seat now.

We can’t deny sharing a working space with our spouse really gets us into the bowels of what they are really like. It highlights their strengths, weaknesses, and triggers the WTF? part of our brain several times each day.

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The point here is we are all doing our best with the resources we have on hand. And that includes making fun of our partner’s working habits, if that’s what get us through another day.

The honest truth is, once things get back to normal and we return to working in the way we did before the pandemic, we are going to miss bits and pieces of working at home with our spouse regardless of how many times they leave their shit lying around or repeat the same corny phrase.

… Unless it’s “low-hanging fruit.”

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