These Twin Sisters Just Had The Cutest Coincidence, Ever

by Ashley Austrew
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A pair of New Jersey twins gave birth to their babies only minutes apart.

A sister is a best friend for life. She’s the person whose clothes you steal, whose favorite lip gloss you lose, who understands all the crazy you inherited from your mom, and who holds your hand through every heartache. For one pair of New Jersey twins, a sister is even someone who has their baby on the very same day as you.

Stephanie Edington and Nicole Montgomery are identical twin sisters who were both pregnant with daughters at the same time. Edington’s due date was February 5, so when she still hadn’t gone into labor on Monday morning, the doctor asked to see her. Edington tells ABC6 she started having contractions ahead of her appointment and was instructed to head to the hospital. On the way there, she called her family and they let her know her sister was in labor too.

The women arrived at the hospital and were shown to rooms right across the hall from one another. Hours later, their daughters were born only six minutes apart. Edington gave birth to a little girl named Cora, while Montgomery welcomed daughter Louisa into the world. Montgomery wasn’t supposed to be due until Valentine’s Day, but her daughter arrived a few days early — apparently she didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Edington and Montgomery themselves were born three minutes apart, and they say they’ve been inseparable ever since. New York Daily News reports they even have the same job — both work as speech and language pathologists. When asked about the experience of giving birth to their daughters on the same day, Montgomery said, “I just feel very blessed to be going through this with my best friend.”

The hospital where the twins gave birth shared a photo of the new arrivals and their parents on Facebook with the hashtag “cutie cousins.” Since then, thousands of people have liked the photo and left comments expressing awe and support. Wrote one woman, “They should play the lottery with those odds!”

Obviously their sisterly bond isn’t really what caused them to give birth on the same day, but it’s an adorable coincidence nonetheless. The odds of them going into labor on the same day were already slim, but to then also give birth to their babies a mere six minutes apart? That’s just incredible.

New motherhood is filled with a lot of joyous moments, but it’s also fraught with challenges and tough adjustments. It’s beautiful to think these women will have the benefit of going through it together and facing the obstacles side by side. Not to mention, their babies will also grow up with an automatic best friend. As far as birth stories go, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

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