Twitter Bought Everything This Mom Made After She Sold Nothing At A Craft Fair

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Son steps in and helps mom sell her crafts on Twitter

After a particularly bad craft fair where one mom didn’t sell a single item, her doting son stepped in and helped her sell every single piece. Martyn Hett, 28, used the power of Twitter to build an audience for his mom’s knitted creations.

A few weeks ago Figen Murray packed up her crafts and headed to a fair, where she set up a beautiful booth. Despite all of her hard work not a single item sold. When her son checked in with her she shared the bad news. “She came back to me saying that she was feeling a bit sad because nobody was buying her stuff,” Hett told Buzzfeed News.

In an attempt to help his mom garner a few sales Hett shared the above photo of his mom’s craft fair booth on Twitter. Her charming story and adorable crafts spread like wildfire and soon the creative mom was sending her handmade items off to their new homes.

Murray had set up the online store Imperfect Hearts on a site called Depop, which allowed her new fan base to easily purchase her crafts. One sale turned into three and so on and so on.

Before they knew it Murray’s entire collection had sold out. “She’s had loads of messages from people just telling her how nice her stuff is, which was nice for her because I think the craft fair had knocked her confidence a bit.” Awww.

Murray has been so busy fulfilling orders and making new pieces for future orders that she had to restock her knitting materials.

And now that she’s got a Twitter audience she picked up some new reading material to get better acquainted with the social media platform.

“She sews/knits for therapeutic reasons,” Hett explained. “She’s a counsellor and she believes that being creative is good for the soul – it’s advice she often gives to her clients.” Well isn’t that just the nicest thing we’ve heard all day. The family isn’t even keeping the money they made selling mom’s crafts either. “Since it went viral, she’s decided to donate money from her earnings to a local charity, Beacon Counselling,” Hett shared.

Keep crafting, mama Murray.

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