People Are Sharing Hilarious Stories Of Noticing A Dog -- But Not The Celeb Walking It

by Christina Marfice
Jérémy Stenuit/Unsplash and emblack995/Twitter

It’s OK to get tunnel vision when you see cute dogs — but you might miss a celebrity sighting like all of these people did

Anyone who’s any kind of animal lover knows that when you see cute dogs being walked in the street, it is perfectly normal to stare and obsess over the dog while ignoring the human that’s attached to it.

Even if that human is a very famous one, apparently.

In a viral Twitter thread, people are sharing stories of the times they were so distracted by exceptionally cute dogs, they didn’t even notice that those pups were being walked by their celebrity owners. And it turns out that this happens a lot. Tons of people have stories of their brushes with fame, except they don’t even realize how close to fame they are because, you know, there’s a dog there.

It all started with this tweet, in which a person worried that she had offended Tessa Thompson after audibly gasping at her dog in a coffee shop (a situation that any dog lover can relate to, TBH).

Then, people started replying with their own stories, and even as a die-hard dog lover, I’m a little shocked at how often this seems to happen.

Like in this awkward situation with Juliet Lewis, who we can only assume would not be super OK with being called “Nugget.”

Or this huge Rachel McAdams fan who still noticed the star’s dogs before actually noticing her.

Sometimes it seems like the celebs get what’s happening, and totally understand that people are more immediately drawn to their dogs than them, because, you know, puppers. Who can resist a good pupper?

But other times it’s totally awkward. What are you even supposed to do, not freak out when you see cute dogs in public? Let’s be reasonable here.

Seriously, this has happened so many different times, to so many different people, celebrities, and dogs.

And sometimes, in what must have been one of the greatest moments of this person’s life, it goes the other way.

The moral of this story is that celebrities are cool and all, and meeting them is also cool and all. But at the end of the day, they’re still just people, and dogs are better. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. I just read the Twitter threads and come to the logical solutions about facts. Dogs > People. It’s just science.