These Parents Are Extra AF For April Fool's Day And We're Here For It

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Image via Twitter/Emily Bodnar

You’re going to want to copy these April Fool’s Day pranks ASAP

Easter may fall on April 1 this year, but more importantly, today is a universally acknowledged holiday: April Fool’s Day. Some people like go all out with pranks and jokes, some people don’t. But everyone knows the best April Fool’s Day pranks are the ones played by parents. Because when it comes to holidays, parents are extra AF.

It seems like some moms and dads can’t wait for this day to come around so they can unleash some of their best material on their unsuspecting kids — and it’s not too late to use some of these jokes as inspiration! The day is still young, folks.

Now please, let’s all take a moment to show some respect to the April Fool’s OGs: parents everywhere.

That is some serious dedication. What a monster this mom is — LOVE IT.

See? This one is a simple, delightful prank that takes almost no effort or time. Perfect for lazy parents looking for a good chuckle.

That is just downright COLD. So, so wrong. But also goddamn genius.

HAHAHA. Literally the perfect photograph to use to frighten your kids on the john. BRB, scanning a hideus selfie to stick on the shitter.

A “leek.” GET IT?

If your dad doesn’t play a Dad Joke™ on you, is it even really April Fool’s Day?

OMG. Hahahaha. Now this is just wrong.

Honestly, I’m actually sad my child is only two years old and something like this would be completely lost on her because it’s perfect. Not too mean, but still a good gag. 11/10 will do next time these two holidays sync up.

Pair these babies up with the chocolate-covered Brussel sprouts and you’ve got yourself a hell of a fake, holiday feast.

Though all of these pranks are thoroughly entertaining, this tweet encompasses how most of us probably feel this weekend.

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