Here Are Some Hilarious Reactions To Scary Mommy’s New Late-Night Show 'Up Early Tonight'

by Team Scary Mommy

“Folding laundry is foreplay.”

With all this indoor time and once-a-week showers, you’d think there would be a whole lot of sleeping on our schedules. Sleep? What is this five-letter-word you speak of? Moms know no such thing. We’re currently running on doom scrolling and dry shampoo, and up late or awake too early.

Which is why Scary Mommy went ahead and made “Up Early Tonight,” the new late-night talk show on Hulu for moms who are, you guessed it, awake at all hours. Because that’s kind of our thing. *sigh*

Hosted by New York comedian and mom, Abbi Crutchfield, watching “Up Early Tonight” offers the kind of comforting screen time normally reserved for late-night text sessions with your bestie.

Check out these hilarious tweets from moms (and one dad who, well, tried) who joined us during a recent watch party on Twitter.

^^^ Take notes, fellas.

Boob jokes never fail.

See? Boob joke FTW.

Yup sounds about right. We forgive you, Cian.

And last but not least…

Well that’s one way to put it.

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