Van Jefferson And His Wife Are Still Trying To Name Their Baby Boy

by Lauren Levy

The new parents shared new details about their newborn son’s epic birth story as well as their baby name debate

By the time Super Bowl Sunday was over, wide receiver Van Jefferson had not one but two monumental reasons to celebrate: his team’s win as well as the birth of his first son.

That’s right, while Jefferson was working on the field to help the Los Angeles Rams become this year’s Super Bowl champions, unbeknownst to him, his wife was working just as hard — if not harder — off the field. While Samaria Jefferson was at SoFi Stadium cheering on her husband, she went into labor mid-way through the game. Not only did she end up having to leave via stretcher but she was also determined to labor without her husband knowing so that he could keep his focus on the game.

Samaria ended up giving birth to their second child later that night and days after their first son’s monumental birthday, the proud parents have officially introduced him to the world. Although the Jeffersons went on the Today Show with their precious baby boy, we still don’t know his name — and that’s because they don’t either.

The pair, who are also parents to a 5-year-old daughter, admit that they’ve been able to narrow it down to two different options but are stuck beyond that. “After he was born, Van walked into the room and he said, ‘I have a great idea for a name: Wynn Jefferson,'” said Samaria. “We’re torn between Wynn and Miles Jefferson.”

Samaria also shared more details about what was going on behind the scenes on what was supposed to be only her husband’s big day. Although she woke up feeling contractions that morning, the new mom explained that she wasn’t particularly concerned because they weren’t intense or close together. So she kept quiet.

But the 24-year-old said that all changed by the game’s halftime. “I just knew I wanted to push through for as long as I could,” she said. “I was wincing in pain… and watching Van.” At this point, the contractions had gotten more intense — and closer together. She recalled being “in tears, crying,” from the pain and realizing she needed to get to the hospital, despite wanting to stay. So she headed to the hospital with strict instructions to those around her not to let Jefferson know their boy was coming until after the game ended.

“She’s a champ,” Jefferson added. “She didn’t want to tell me. She wanted me to be focused on the game. I appreciate her doing that. I think if she had told me, I probably would’ve been freaking out.”

And although these high school sweethearts made giving birth alone and winning the Super Bowl look easy, it will be interesting to see which baby name wins because as most parents know — there’s nothing easy about making that official call.