Canals In Venice Are Clear As Coronavirus Shutdown Eliminates Boats

Canals In Venice Are Sparkling Clear As Coronavirus Shutdown Eliminates Boat Traffic


The canals in Venice are so clear fish can be seen due to the coronavirus-related reduction in boat traffic

As the entire world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, a handful of bright spots have made us smile a little bit. Jimmy Fallon is putting out mini versions of his shows with his pair of adorable daughters, Ellen is entertaining us like usual, and Animal Planet is giving us days of puppy and kitty content to calm our panicky souls. Now, photos are showing the canals of Venice, Italy — typically very murky due to boat traffic — sparkling clean after being left alone for several days amid the country’s virus-related lockdown. There’s even swans, you guys.

Twitter user Kaveri posted stunning photos of the swans and the sparkly water. “Here’s an unexpected side effect of the pandemic — the water’s flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for the first time in forever. The fish are visible, the swans returned.”

It’s truly something to see.