From The Confessional: My Husband Is Addicted To Video Games

by Cassandra Stone

Raise your hand if the vision of your husband playing video games makes you feral

There’s nothing wrong with video games or playing them. At all. In fact, video games have gotten many of us through this past year of total isolation, right? Whether adults are playing them or our kids are, video games have come a long way since the olden days (the 1990s) and they can be pretty damn awesome.

Do you know what’s not awesome though? Being ignored for video games by a husband who is addicted to playing them. HOW MANY TIMES can we remind them to take out the trash or fold the laundry or just literally do anything when their eyeballs are glued to whatever cartoon sports team for which they’re pretending they’re a professional player?

These moms have had enough of watching their husbands play video games when they’re supposed to be doing other things. Like chores. Or…them. LOL.

During the pandemic I lost both my jobs, and my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My husband refuses to do anything but play video games. I'm at my wits end, I'm miserable. I'm tired of worrying all the time.

Confessional #25825837

I get anxiety on Friday nights because H is home for 2 days and I know it’ll suck. All he does is sit and play video games or watch YouTube videos about said games. Loser.

Confessional #25825706

DH is playing video games instead of fucking me. Walked out in my prettiest undies and he looked and went right back to his game. How is this real life?!

Confessional #25825316

I am so FUCKING SICK of the constant video games my husband has to play all damn day!

Confessional #25822565

Basically, the entire house could erupt into flames and these husbands would crane their necks around the explosion to better see whatever’s happening on PS5.

I'm killing myself working from home, home schooling with a baby and 3 other kids. I sleep maybe 4 hrs a night. He sits on his ass all day/night playing video games. And wonders why I won't have sex with him. Would you just get the fuck out already?!?

Confessional #25822429

H never showers. Once a week or so. Never wants to do anything but play video games. He sucks.

Confessional #25821048

My husband wonders why we don’t have sex any more. Well, it’s 5am. I’m getting up to cook and clean all day and he JUST got to bed because he played video games all night. Might be part of the problem...

Confessional #25816556

Wait hold up, there are men out there who go to bed at dawn because they’re playing video games and they get to sleep while their partners take care of literally everything else? OH HELL NO.

All H does all day is talk about wanting to have sex with me. Meanwhile all he DOES is eat, sleep, eat, burp, play video games, EAT..... someone just kill me. WHY didn’t I marry a woman

Confessional #25815685

DH came home early. I was so excited to share some of the nightly duties from the kids but nope. Hes been in the bathroom for an hour. Checked on him. Oh hes playing video games and drinking beer while "shitting".. why did i procreate with this loser?!

Confessional #25803144

H8 video games. H8 it's his hobby. H8 it's the only quality time kids get w him. Resent the only time I get is grouchy falling asleep on the couch, too tired, and rarely satisfying sex. I want more.

Confessional #25802868

You know how there are moms who stay up later to get some “me time” because it’s the only time they have for themselves? Okay whyyyyy can’t these husbands save their video game time for when no one needs anything? Because if your partner is cooking, cleaning, working, parenting, etc. and you’re just sitting there…gaming…you’re an asshole.

Every night I put the baby to bed and DH cleans the dishes. Then he goes to the basement and plays video games and I read or watch my shows. I think we both enjoy the time but it also makes me sad about what it means for the state of our marriage.

Confessional #25796951

I'm tired of being the sole breadwinner while my DH is on unemployment, playing video games and talking about taking a vacation by himself. When is it my turn to get a break?

Confessional #25794077

All my husband wants to do is sit on his ass. He never wants to go outside with the kids, he doesn’t want to do anything inside the house. He just wants to sit on his ass and play video games. I’m so tired of this, he’s setting a shitty example.

Confessional #25786149

It’s one thing if your kids, partner, and household responsibilities are being ignored because of work, which is (unfortunately) often unavoidable. It’s quite another to regularly ignore all of those needs for video games. Do your kids benefit from watching you take time for yourself to do things you enjoy? Yes, without question. Does that mean you get to ignore their needs because you want to play Zelda? It’s an awesome game, no doubt. But nope nope nope nope.

Just for a day I'd like to switch places with my husband. I'll sit on my ass and play video games collecting unemployment while he works from home.

Confessional #25778209

h thinks because he goes to work and pays bills that playing video games every literal second that he's not at work somehow doesn't make him lazy. He shits, eats, and vacuum sucks his ass right back in that chair immediately after. Every. Single. Day.

Confessional #25777002

Week 4 in quarantine and my DH hasn't showered in a week. He has plenty of time to play video games though.

Confessional #25775590

Okay WHAT is with the no showering thing? If your hygiene is suffering because of video games, that is uh, not good?

We brought our baby home from the Nicu 2 weeks ago, between taking care of him and trying to homeschool the kids I am overfuckingwhelmed. Husband only has enough energy to play video games but not enough to help me homeschool the kids

Confessional #25775512

I’ve spent the last 3 days running around; cooking ,cleaning ,and taking care of the kids all by myself. Just trying to make our small house livable while we are stuck in it. H has been playing video games and complaining. I’d be ashamed if people knew.

Confessional #25773411

I’m in quarantine, husband has not checked on me one single time in two days. Shows how much he cares. Kids say he’s been home drinking and playing video games and they have to beg him to feed them.

Confessional #25771982

Whew. Some of these men need a come-to-Jesus talk, y’all. Godspeed.