Satirical Advice Column Inspires The Best Comment Section, Ever

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook/Man Who Has It All

Women hilariously flip the script in comment section when it comes to how much “help” a husband should expect from his wife

The satirical Facebook page Man who has it all always brings it with spot-on memes and posts that flip the disgustingly sexist advice and sentiments typically geared toward women and aims them at men instead. Every post is equal parts hilarious and fury-inspiring, because it might be all in jest, but it’s frighteningly spot-on — and way too familiar.

Take, for example, a recent post that went wildly viral about a guy named Ben who’s feeling miffed that his wife isn’t helping out around the house or taking care of the kids.

Like, has he tried getting up earlier so he can do more?

The page’s followers had plenty of thoughts on how Ben could approach this situation with his wife — and all of it could literally have come from any mom forum as advice on handling a lazy husband, which is both breathtakingly depressing and hilarious. This is honestly one of the best comments sections of all time, ever. Buckle up.

First of all, Ben, the woman’s not a mindreader. You have to help her see the messes. Ideally, you should also help her clean them up, at least the first few times. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. And wives can’t be expected to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher without some patient and instructive guidance from you, her loving husband.

Like, be realistic — and persistent.

And is it possible she’s not feeling very helpful because our boy Ben isn’t making sure her needs are being dealt with between the sheets? Just sayin’, it can’t hurt.

Or maybe Ben should just leave his wife entirely out of it and ask his father to stop by and help him get on top of the chores? Why bother a busy working woman when you can easily get help from family? She’s got enough going on without listening to your harping, bro.

I mean, honestly, smiling might help. If nothing else, it will at least brighten Ben’s attitude. No one likes to see a scowling husband cooking dinner and doing the dishes while his wife relaxes in front of SportsCenter.

Also? Ben should maybe evaluate his approach. After all, no wife likes a nagging husband and no woman wants to be bothered after a tough day at the office. It’s all in the timing and tone. You get more flies with honey!

Above all, time management needs to be considered here. If Ben has time to complain on Facebook, surely he has time to make himself more beautiful, lest his wife run out on him for a hotter, younger model.

Another thing Ben needs to think about is whether he’s made his wife feel like she can’t possibly please him with the way she helps out around the house…

…or with the kids.

Ben should also understand that maybe his wife just grew up in a house where her mom was’t expected to do much. There can only be so much progress between generations. Maybe he should chat with his father-in-law and see if his expectations are a bit unreasonable.

Because expectations are really what this all boils down to. Is it possible Ben’s just wanting too much out of his overworked wife? She brings home the bacon, that’s really enough.

But it bears repeating, this really could all be solved if Ben simply managed his time better.

Lastly, has Ben even thought about how selfish and unfair he’s being expecting his wife to help out and giving her nothing special in return?

Is your head ready to explode from either laughing hysterically or thinking about how much of this garbage is actually directed toward women daily? SAME. However, take heart — the fact that all of these things are now considered laughable and folks are starting to understand how unfair this sexist dynamic truly is, is encouraging. Also, it’s always better to laugh than cry — I’m sure poor Ben would agree.