Woman Finds 'Candyman' Portal In Her NYC Apartment & NOPE

by Valerie Williams

This viral TikTok video has everyone on the internet convinced it’s the IRL version of ‘Candyman’

Hi, were you hoping to sleep well tonight? If so, go ahead and skip this story because holy hell is it terrifying. A TikTok video series that has gone wildly viral shows a woman investigating a mysterious draft coming in from behind the bathroom mirror of her NYC apartment, and yes, you will gasp when she unleashes her discovery. More than once.

Have you seen the 1992 horror flick Candyman? Of course you have.

A TikTok user had viewers hooked as she investigated a mysterious draft coming from behind her bathroom mirror, sparking comparisons to the 1992 horror movie Candyman.

Samantha Hartsoe posted the first two parts of her investigation on TikTok on Wednesday and, after leaving followers anxiously awaiting an update for 16 hours, finally revealed the source of the cold air—and it’s as creepy as you’d expect.

Hartsoe began the first video—which has been viewed more than 7 million times—by saying she is at her New York City apartment and it’s cold. She says it doesn’t matter how high she turns her heating. In her bathroom, near the doorway, she says she can feel cold air blowing on her, but it’s not coming from the vent.

So in Candyman, a vengeful spirit can be summoned by saying his name into the mirror five times. And this woman just crawled right the hell inside of that cursed thing.

“What if there’s someone living there right now? Have you watched the movie Parasite?” says a dude in the background. Hartsoe replies, “I need more answers. I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom. Like, what if someone’s living in there?” Uhh no sis, you definitely 100 percent do NOT need to go in there to figure out anything. Hammer that mirror to the wall, cover it in duct tape, then call an old priest and a young priest.

Finally, in the fourth video, the source of the mystery ice wind is revealed — there’s another whole-ass apartment back there. It appears abandoned (we hope) and has a bunch of trash bags and building materials. So, not like, a visible demon? But we can feel the demon energy. GET OUT.

Of course, once the series of bonkers videos hit Twitter, people reacted as you’d expect.

People were like, really concerned about her deciding to leap straight through this obvious portal to hell.



It’s as though she hasn’t actually seen Candyman.

Hartsoe says she’s going to call her landlord to have a little chit-chat about the ghost apartment behind her mirror and hopefully, it will be sealed off forever in order to contain whatever evil might lie within.