100+ Super Fun Activities For Kids And Teens So Bored They Can't Even

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what to do when you're bored
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Ugh. Few things are as frustrating when a parent hears from their kid those two words: “I’m bored.” No child caregiver want their children to sit around aimlessly for hours without anything to do, especially when watching TV or screen time isn’t an option. Not only because the kids will probably start demanding your attention in order to keep them entertained (and meanwhile you’ve got a million things to do so you don’t even have time to get bored) but mostly because there’s no excuse for boredom. There are so many amazing activities, big and small, to keep kids and teens preoccupied with. Check out our curated list of over 100 fun activities to keep kids and teens preoccupied with when they’re so bored they can’t even.

  1. Play a sport outside.
  2. Go for a bike ride.
  3. Play a board game.
  4. Create a movie or video game.
  5. Journal.
  6. Paint.
  7. Create a cartoon or comic strip.
  8. Make breakfast in bed for their parents.
  9. Go hiking.
  10. Try a new water sport.
  11. Go swimming.
  12. Learn some key phrases of a new language.
  13. Make jewelry.
  14. Make a snack.
  15. Learn how to do origami.
  16. Walk your dog, or a neighbor’s friendly pooch.
  17. Jump rope.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Wash mom or dad’s car.
  20. Create a lemonade stand.
  21. Go on a picnic.
  22. Play hide-and-seek.
  23. Have a dance party.
  24. Throw a slumber party.
  25. Make a card for a beloved family member.
  26. Read a book.
  27. Have a pool party.
  28. Learn how to plant vegetables and plants.
  29. Clean and organize their bedroom.
  30. Take out the trash and do other light chores.
  31. Make a fort.
  32. Volunteer in the community.
  33. Go to the movies.
  34. Watch an indoor play or performance.
  35. Practice a musical instrument.
  36. Go fishing.
  37. Brush and bathe the family pet.
  38. Practice yoga.
  39. Go to a fitness class.
  40. Go through your closet and create new outfits.
  41. Write a story.
  42. Sketch a favorite animal.
  43. Sleep underneath the stars.
  44. Create a stop motion video.
  45. Create a blog or website on their favorite hobby.
  46. Research a favorite city or country.
  47. Watch a documentary.
  48. Record a song that you know how to play on an instrument or sing.
  49. Play with clay.
  50. Put on a performance for family and friends.Related: 40+ Conversation Starters For Teenagers To Make Life Less Awk
  51. Create a vision board.
  52. Make a gratitude journal.
  53. Paint their toenails.
  54. Babysit.
  55. Collect rocks.
  56. Go ice skating or roller skating.
  57. Go the park.
  58. Do a puzzle.
  59. Learn how to cook at least three meals really well.
  60. Bake cookies or brownies.
  61. Learn how to braid their own hair.
  62. Learn how to put on make-up.
  63. Go for a walk.
  64. Learn how to skateboard.
  65. Make your favorite pizza.
  66. Write a letter to family or friend who lives far away.
  67. Listen to an audiobook.
  68. Write an article and submit it to an online publication.
  69. Play dress up.
  70. Create your own knock knock jokes.
  71. Memorize a monologue.
  72. Learn to play dominoes.
  73. Go fishing.
  74. Write poetry.
  75. Learn how to take good photos.
  76. Watch the sunrise and/or set.
  77. Have a cookout.
  78. Go ziplining.
  79. Play in the sand and make sandcastles.
  80. Redecorate your room.
  81. Clean out your closet.
  82. Create a music playlist.
  83. Practice cartwheels.
  84. Sing karaoke with friends.
  85. Hold an open comedy mic night with friends.
  86. Research family history.
  87. Hold a clothes swap.
  88. Have a water fight.
  89. Go geo-caching.
  90. Clean up a local beach.
  91. Have a home spa day.
  92. Host a book club.
  93. Skip stones at a nearby pond.
  94. Learn how to play poker or other card games.
  95. Visit a local animal shelter.
  96. Visit a local botanical garden.
  97. Create sidewalk art with chalk.
  98. Play hop skotch.
  99. Play mini-golf.
  100. Go to a concert.
  101. Write a haiku

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