I Sleep Naked, And This Is Why You Should Too


I enjoy being naked. Not the walking-around-all-day kind of naked. I mean, I don’t like to cook or clean in the nude or anything. But I do enjoy peeling off my clothes at the end of the day before slipping into bed. It feels so damn freeing.

I didn’t always used to feel like this — being naked can make me feel exposed and vulnerable. But after one too many fights with my oh-so-comfy flannel pajamas in the middle of the night after I would wake up a sweaty mess, and try to strip down (which usually resulted in nearly choking myself and getting my hair snagged in the buttons), I decided enough with the pajamas.

Now pajamas are meant for lazing around the house, but not for wearing to bed. And ever since I’ve started sleeping au natural, I’ve realized just how awesome it is.

I sleep better, and feel more rested in the morning when I sleep in the buff. I especially like it when I’m sandwiched between my flannel sheets. Of course, there are chilly winter evenings when I need to keep my socks on because I have bad circulation,. But in an odd way, it’s kind of sexy to have only my feet covered while the rest of my body parts enjoy their free time. And there’s nothing like that fresh feeling you get after everything has aired out for about 8 hours, kind like hanging your sheets out to dry in the fresh air.

If you have not tried sleeping nude, I highly recommend it. If the feeling alone (or the convenience of a spontaneous middle-of-the-night quickie) doesn’t convert you to being a nudist under the sheets, an article published in Cosmopolitan might do the trick and give you all the reasons you need.

For instance, studies prove our vag (and other body parts) do need a break from undies and constricting clothing. In fact, not wearing constricting underwear can cut down on certain bacteria from taking over our natural vaginal flora.

Not only do we have a restless night when we are too warm, it can also create other health problems. Dr. Natasha Turner, who authored, The Hormone Diet says when you are too warm at night, it’s a roadblock for melatonin and growth hormone to be released. This is a big deal since they are the secret ingredients that keep our skin and hair looking young, and our appetite in check.

Another huge plus? The skin-to-skin contact you will have with your partner (they have to play along in the naked game, too) can keep you both feeling sexier, which leads to more sex. More sex leads to orgasms, and orgasms lead to better health. Win-win.

And since you will be more comfortable without the night sweats creeping in, you will rest better (unless you are awake a few times a night having sex), which leads to a stronger and healthier immune system.

So, give it a try and take it all off before you slip under the sheets, you reap the benefits of a better sex life, a stronger immune system, keeping your lady bits happy, and you will save money since you don’t need to buy pajamas.

Just remember to wash your sheets more often.