Some Adults Could Learn From These Young Men Taking A Stand Against ‘Locker Room Talk’

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Facebook

High school students go viral with photo refuting Donald Trump’s ‘locker room banter’

Despite Donald Trump’s attempts to frame his controversial conversation with Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood bus as typical “locker room banter,” most of us aren’t buying it. Including a group of students at an Oregon high school.

In a post that’s going viral, and for good reason, six male students from Centennial High School in Gresham, Oregon, posed in the school’s locker room wearing t-shirts with “Wild Feminist” emblazoned on the front.

These six kids proved that even teenagers can tell the difference between what Trump said and how “most guys talk,” and good for them for standing up for their female classmates, women everywhere, and themselves, by taking a stand against the Republican candidate for president’s latest offense.

With over 9,100 likes and nearly 9,000 shares, Rhys Atkinson, Nick Lyngheim, Adam Voigt, Alex Zepeda, Majax Nduta, and Junel Jeannis-Ostin’s message that “sexual assault is not locker room banter” has been spreading across social media since it was posted on Facebook Thursday afternoon.

After a week-long parade of women claiming to have been assaulted and/or sexually harassed by Donald Trump, messages like the one these kids are sending, and the one Michelle Obama delivered in her stirring speech in New Hampshire, are the perfect antidote. Everyone, from the first lady to fellow members of Trump’s party to high school students, are stepping up to call him out.

As the election enters the home stretch, and the candidate’s hateful, bigoted, and misogynistic views continue to get national and international play, messages like the one these kids are sending are more necessary than ever to combat the example Trump is setting, and the image he’s putting forth both of Americans and men.

Gresham’s mayor clearly agrees, as he tweeted the image himself.

You know things are twisted when we need to look to high school students to set the example. You’d think the man who is one vote away from being the leader of the most powerful country in the world would be the better role model, but not in 2016. Trump wants to bring back “the good old days” which to him are pre-civil rights, pre-women’s rights, pre-human rights.

The stakes are high this November, and in the midst of all this stress and turmoil, it’s heartening to know that the younger generations have their priorities in order. Because even if this clown somehow makes it into the Oval Office, kids like these give us hope for the future.

In four years, they’ll be able to vote too.

(The t-shirts are from Wild Fang’s “feminist collection” and they’re bound to sell a lot more now that this photo is going around.)