Willow Smith Has The Most Chill Response To Her Parents' Oversharing

Steve Granitz/Getty

Willow Smith doesn’t seem fazed by her parents’ penchant for oversharing, and her chill energy is what we should all aspire to at the start of the new year

For just about as long as we’ve known them, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have been unfailingly open about their lives, whether they’re discussing their sex life to Pinkett Smith’s extramarital entanglements — and just about everything in between.

Depending on who you ask, their candor is either refreshing and honest or cringeworthy AF, but to be honest, no one’s opinions really matter all that much, save for Will, Jada, and the couple’s children, Willow and Jaden. But if you think their kids might be horrified by their parents admitting to the world all kinds of intimate details about their romance and relationship, think again, because Willow, at least, is fully unbothered.

Willow, the pair’s youngest child, recently revealed what she thinks of her parents’ penchant for oversharing, and she seems surprisingly chill about it all. In an interview with U.K. outlet The Independent, the 21-year-old said, “I feel I’ve always understood that my parents are their own people. A lot of kids think of their parents like… ‘Your whole identity is for me.’ [But] seeing them in this lifestyle we had, from a very young age, it was clear to me they weren’t just my parents. They’re full, other people who have their own emotions.”

Serving as a co-host with her mom and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, on the famously candid Facebook series, Red Table Talk, it seems Willow has no qualms about the show’s unflinching, raw honesty. “Everyone is going through something and the biggest disservice you could do [to yourself and others] is put up a facade and be like, that’s not the case [here]. That sounds wrong to me,” she said.

She also noted that she simply doesn’t have “that much energy” to try and hide her true feelings about things, which is truly the vibe we all deserve to bring into 2022. So whether they’re discussing mom’s colonoscopy or dad’s tumultuous childhood, at least Willow seems to have plenty of sage wisdom about her parents and their individual identities outside of being her mom and dad.

Along with 23-year-old Jaden, the couple co-parent Will’s 29-year-old son Trey from his prior marriage to Sheree Zampino. All three kids seem to be following in Jada and Will’s footsteps, forging their own careers in the entertainment industry. No word on whether Jaden and Trey are equally as chill as their sister, but we have a feeling they probably are.