Literally Hundreds Of Words That Start With L To Score That Scrabble Win

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words that start with L
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La-la-la-la-la-la-la…is this what your kids yell when they’re plugging their ears and pretending they can’t hear you? If so, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve all been there. That might be one of the most annoying uses of the letter L we’ve seen so far. It’s not all bad, though. In fact, if you and your family like fun and games — particularly Scrabble! — the letter L is a real winner. It may be a lowly one-pointer, but it’s incredibly versatile and can be used in so many ways. Let us help you put this lucky letter to good use. Here are (literally) hundreds of words that start with L — all Scrabble dictionary approved. Family game night is the perfect choice for your weekend entertainment and you just upped the stakes with this mega-list.

Below we’re sharing 2-letter words, 3-letter words, 4-letter words, 5-letter words, 6-letter words, and 7-letter words that start with L. Be sure to bookmark this page and give it a quick read before your Scrabble match for a leg up on the competition! Want more inspiration? Check out our pages on words that start with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K.

Let’s get started.

2-Letter Words That Start With L

la, li, lo

3-Letter Words That Start With L

lab, lac, lad, lag, lah, lam, lap, lar, las, lat, lav, law, lax, lay, lea, led, lee, leg, lei, lek, let, leu, lev, lex, ley, lib, lid, lie, lin, lip, lis, lit, lob, log, loo, lop, lot, low, lox, lud, lug, lum, lun, luv, lux, lye

4-Letter Words That Start With L

labs, lace, lack, lacs, lacy, lade, lads, lady, lags, lahs, laic, laid, lain, lair, lake, lakh, laky, lall, lama, lamb, lame, lamp, lams, land, lane, lang, lank, laps, lard, lari, lark, larn, lars, lase, lash, lass, last, late, lath, lati, lats, latu, laud, lava, lave, lavs, lawn, laws, lays, laze, lazy, lead, leaf, leak, leal, lean, leap, lear, leas, lech, lede, leek, leer, lees, leet, left, legs, lehr, leis, leke, leks, leku, lend, leno, lens, lent, lept, less, lest, lets, leud, leva, levo, levs, levy, lewd, leys, liar, lias, libs, lice, lich, lick, lido, lids, lied, lief, lien, lier, lies, lieu, life, lift, like, lilt, lily, lima, limb, lime, limn, limo, limp, limy, line, ling, link, linn, lino, lins, lint, liny, lion, lipa, lipe, lipo, lips, lira, lire, liri, lisp, list, lite, lits, litu, live, load, loaf, loam, loan, lobe, lobo, lobs, loca, loch, loci, lock, loco, lode, loft, loge, logo, logs, logy, loid, loin, loll, lone, long, loof, look, loom, loon, loop, loos, loot, lope, lops, lord, lore, lorn, lory, lose, loss, lost, lota, loth, loti, loto, lots, loud, loup, lour, lout, love, lowe, lown, lows, luau, lube, luce, luck, lude, ludo, luds, lues, luff, luge, lugs, lull, lulu, luma, lump, lums, luna, lune, lung, lunk, luns, lunt, luny, lure, lurk, lush, lust, lute, lutz, luvs, luxe, lwei, lych, lyes, lynx, lyre, lyse

5-Letter Words That Start With L

laari, label, labia, labor, labra, laced, lacer, laces, lacey, lacks, laddy, laded, laden, lader, lades, ladle, laevo, lagan, lager, lahal, lahar, laich, laics, laigh, laird, lairs, lairy, laith, laity, laked, laker, lakes, lakhs, lalls, lamas, lambs, lamby, lamed, lamer, lames, lamia, lamps, lanai, lance, lanch, lands, lanes, lanky, lapel, lapin, lapis, lapse, larch, lards, lardy, laree, lares, large, largo, laris, larks, larky, larns, larnt, larum, larva, lased, laser, lases, lassi, lasso, lassy, lasts, latch, lated, laten, later, latex, lathe, lathi, laths, lathy, latke, latte, lauan, lauds, laugh, laura, lavas, laved, laver, laves, lawed, lawns, lawny, laxer, laxes, laxly, layed, layer, layin, layup, lazar, lazed, lazes, leach, leads, leady, leafs, leafy, leaks, leaky, leans, leant, leaps, leapt, learn, lears, leary, lease, leash, least, leave, leavy, leben, ledes, ledge, ledgy, leech, leeks, leers, leery, leets, lefts, lefty, legal, leger, leges, leggy, legit, lehrs, lehua, leman, lemma, lemon, lemur, lends, lenes, lenis, lenos, lense, lento, leone, leper, lepta, letch, lethe, letup, leuds, levas, levee, level, lever, levin, lewis, lexes, lexis, liana, liane, liang, liard, liars, libel, liber, libra, libri, lichi, licht, licit, licks, lidar, lidos, liege, liens, liers, lieus, lieve, lifer, lifts, ligan, liger, light, liked, liken, liker, likes, lilac, lilts, liman, limas, limba, limbi, limbo, limbs, limby, limed, limen, limes, limey, limit, limns, limos, limpa, limps, linac, lindy, lined, linen, liner, lines, liney, linga, lingo, lings, lingy, linin, links, linky, linns, linny, linos, lints, linty, linum, lions, lipas, lipid, lipin, lipos, lippy, liras, lirot, lisle, lisps, lists, litai, litas, liter, lites, lithe, litho, litre, lived, liven, liver, lives, livid, livre, llama, llano, loach, loads, loafs, loams, loamy, loans, loath, lobar, lobby, lobed, lobes, lobos, local, loche, lochs, locie, locis, locks, locos, locum, locus, loden, lodes, lodge, loess, lofts, lofty, logan, loges, loggy, logia, logic, login, logoi, logon, logos, loids, loins, lolls, lolly, loner, longe, longs, looby, looed, looey, loofa, loofs, looie, looks, looky, looms, loons, loony, loops, loopy, loose, loots, loped, loper, lopes, loppy, loral, loran, lords, lores, loris, lorry, losel, loser, loses, lossy, lotah, lotas, lotic, lotos, lotte, lotto, lotus, lough, louie, louis, louma, loupe, loups, lours, loury, louse, lousy, louts, lovat, loved, lover, loves, lovey, lowed, lower, lowes, lowly, lowse, loxed, loxes, loyal, luaus, lubed, lubes, luces, lucid, lucks, lucky, lucre, ludes, ludic, ludos, luffa, luffs, luged, luger, luges, lulls, lulus, lumas, lumen, lumps, lumpy, lunar, lunas, lunch, lunes, lunet, lunge, lungi, lungs, lunks, lunts, lupin, lupus, lurch, lured, lurer, lures, lurid, lurks, lusts, lusty, lusus, lutea, luted, lutes, luvvy, luxer, luxes, lweis, lyard, lyart, lyase, lycea, lycee, lying, lymph, lynch, lyres, lyric, lysed, lyses, lysin, lysis, lyssa, lytic, lytta

6-Letter Words That Start With L

lacuna, ladder, lading, lagoon, lambda, lament, lamina, lancet, landau, landed, lander, lapsed, laptop, larder, larynx, lately, latent, latest, latter, launch, laurel, lavish, lawful, lawyer, layman, layoff, layout, leaden, leader, league, leaves, ledger, leeway, legacy, legato, legend, legged, legion, length, lesion, lessee, lessen, lesser, lesson, lessor, lethal, letter, liable, liaise, libido, ligand, lights, likely, liking, linden, linear, lineup, linger, lining, linked, liquid, liquor, listen, lister, litany, litmus, litter, little, lively, livery, living lizard, loaded, loader, loathe, loaves, locale, locate, locker, lockup, locust, lonely, lookup, looped, loosen, losing, lotion, lounge, lovely, loving, lucent, lumbar, lumber, lunacy, luster, luxury

7-Letter Words That Start With L

laagers, labarum, labeled, labeler, labella, labials, labiate, lablabs, labnehs, labored, laborer, labours, labrets, labrids, laciest, lacings, lacinia, lackers, lackeys, lacking, laconic, lacquer, lacquey, lactams, lactary, lactase, lactate, lacteal, lactone, lactose, lacunae, lacunal, lacunar, lacunas, ladanum, ladders, laddery, laddies, laddish, ladened, ladhood, ladings, ladlers, ladling, ladrone, ladrons, ladybug, ladyish, ladykin, laelias, lagenae, lagered, laggard, laggens, laggers, lagging, laggins, lagoons, lagunas, lagunes, laicise, laicism, laicize, lairdly, lairier, lairing, laithed, laities, lakebed, lakiest, lalling, lambada, lambast, lambdas, lambent, lambert, lambing, lambkin, lamboys, lamella, laments, laminae, laminal, laminar, laminas, lamiums, lamming, lampads, lampers, lamping, lampion, lampoon, lamprey, lamster, lancers, lancets, lancing, landaus, landers, landing, landler, landman, landmen, langeel, langiel, langley, langsat, langset, langues, languet, languid, languor, langurs, laniard, laniary, lankest, lankier, lankily, lanners, lanolin, lansats, lansehs, lantana, lantern, lanugos, lanyard, laogais, lapdogs, lapfuls, lapides, lapilli, lappage, lappers, lappets, lapping, lapsers, lapsing, laptops, lapwing, laqueus, lararia, larceny, larcher, larches, larders, lardier, larding, lardons, lardoon, largely, largess, largest, largish, lariats, larkers, larking, larkish, larmens, larpers, larping, larries, larrups, larvaes, larvate, lasagna, lasagne, lascars, lashers, lashing, lashkar, lashups, lasings, lassies, lassoed, lassoer, lassoes, lasters, lasting, latched

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