YouTube For Kids: Did Someone Say Yeet? Here’s The Deal With Collins Key

YouTube For Kids: Did Someone Say Yeet? Here's The Deal With Collins Key

by Alison Bucalo
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Kids watch a lot of YouTube and a variety of channels, like Collins Key, FGTeev or Unspeakable. If you’re unsure if they’re safe to watch, we’re here to give you a mom review of some of the most popular channels on YouTube for kids. We’ve watched a TON of kids YouTube channels, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Today, we’re reviewing Collins Key! And, don’t forget to Subscribe to Scary Mommy TV: https://bit.ly/3bBD9VI

Scary Mommy TV is your official roadmap to determining which YouTube channels are appropriate for your kids by rating cursing, mature messages, product pushing and, of course, how hard it is on parents’ ears.

Collins Key is the main host. He is a 24 year old actor, magician and former finalist on America’s Got Talent. He is the star of the show, but his brother Devan is his artistic sidekick. This YouTube series is popular for its challenges. Collins and Devan have pancake challenges, slime challenges, fake food challenges and more. Do they curse? No. Bad messages for kids? Nope. It’s totally kid appropriate. It’s even pretty creative with their silly challenges.

The downside? The volume level is a 100 out of 10. So, turn down your TV’s when your kids want to watch this one. With that said, they’re a couple of lovely young men that will not fill your kids’ heads with messages. They will definitely know how to keep your kid’s attention span. They could keep anyone’s attention span.

Happy YouTube watching! See you next time for another review!

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