Your 19 Week Old Baby


Your 19 Week Old Baby

Where Did the Time Go?

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 19


Your baby is 19 weeks old! Where does the time go?

At 19 weeks, your baby may begin teething if she hasn’t already. And while this means she’ll be able to mash her food a bit more easily, it might also ensure that just about anything — and we do mean anything, from the corners of your furniture to your dog’s chew toy — may become makeshift teethers for your little ankle biter angel.

Dealing with teething pain hell? Don’t be bashful about setting some ground rules for family and visitors. If baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That’s a guarantee. Also, consider trying your hand at some of these things to soothe teething discomfort. And don’t forget to stock up on teething discomfort remedies for yourself. Word on the street is the grocery store offers haggard mothers discounts on wine. Or maybe that last part is made up.

As far as language development is concerned, pay attention to baby’s reactions to you when you speak to her. It’s around this time that she may begin to give some of what you give her back, smiling as she coos you a story or furrowing her little brow as she cusses you out in Baby Babble. (Yes, that’s totally a thing. She’s definitely a little sass mouth, even this early in the game. Be glad you can’t actually understand any of it just yet.)



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