Your 27 Week Old Baby's Development And Milestones

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27 week old baby
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You officially have a 27 week old baby!

The tiny terror machine on the horizon

It’s around this time that your baby can stand on his own legs with support, which means before you know it, he’ll be toddling around the house like the little terror machine you’ll love (despite his destructive tendencies). For now, though, he’ll stick to practicing his rolling and crawling.

In addition to showering him with lots of attention and praise for his efforts, it’s also important to start thinking about making the house as safe as possible for your little monster if you haven’t already. He might seem like a tiny, harmless little being, but babies at this age are crafty, and their abilities to get into and out of any and everything are second only to David Blaine’s. Even if he isn’t fully mobile just yet, it’s best to put things on lock down now. Better safe than sorry.

Your 27 Week Old Baby’s Physical, Social, And Cognitive Milestones

As far as emotional development is concerned, now might be the time to stop immediately rushing to the rescue when your baby begins to whimper. While it’s important to let him know you’re there for him no matter what, it’s also important to let him learn to cope with his frustrations on his own once in a while. When he starts to lose it, ask yourself why. Does he need his diaper changed, or is he just aggravated that he can’t get his toy to do exactly what he wants it to do? If it’s the latter, try encouraging him to problem solve on his own a bit before swooping in to fix it. You’ll be teaching him self-sufficiency he can use for a lifetime (and saving yourself many a future headache in the process!)


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