Thirsty Internet Reacts To Adam Driver's 'Sexy Centaur' Burberry Ad

by Madison Vanderberg

Adam Driver’s new Burberry ad shows the star seemingly morph into a centaur in a deceptively sexy and weird commercial

Adam Driver, best known for being on Girls and of course, for playing Kylo Ren in the recent Star Wars films, is a hot man. There’s no beating around that bush, he’s one of those “weirdly hot” guys and it’s all good. However, Burberry, the fashion brand, saw Adam Driver and was like, you know what will get the people going? Turning him into a centaur. And so they did, in what is the weirdest “sexy Centaur” (I can’t believe I just wrote those words together like that) fragrance ad ever. Despite the bonkers nature of the ad, the internet is thirsty for Driver as a half-horse man.

The new Burberry Hero commercial features Driver, shirtless, running towards the Ocean as FKA twigs sings “I quench that thirst” from her sexy af song, “Two Weeks.” It’s sexy, it’s cool, we get it. Then, Driver dives into the ocean as a horse appears. He tumbles in the waves with the horse (sure) and then when he emerges from the ocean, Driver is one with the horse: he is…a centaur.

If shirtless Adam Driver and horses are your thing, enjoy:

Weird day for people who are sexually attracted to Driver as the Burberry clip caused a stir on Twitter.

“If anyone asks ‘What’s the female gaze’? The answer is: Adam Driver’s campaign for Burberry,” wrote on Twitter user.

“Adam Driver decided to become the new face of Burberry but said he was gonna stay true to himself and be fucking weird,” shared another.

I don’t even understand half of these tweets, that’s how chaotic that Adam Driver Burberry ad was. Hot man, shirtless, horse, what? Everyone’s wires are all over the place after eyeing that clip.

Though kinda **sexy**, the ad was also pretty batshit, and the internet had some fun roasting the WTF’ness of the commercial too.

However, the winner of the best tweet in the “Adam Driver is a centaur now” category goes to Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, whose obsession with Adam Driver is long and well-documented. Oliver is obsessed with Driver and it is my favorite long-running media joke. Upon seeing the commercial, the Last Week Tonight Twitter account retweeted the clip and wrote, “After an unexpected development that will require John’s full attention, there will be no new episodes of Last Week Tonight for the foreseeable future.”

Listen, Adam Driver is a specific kind of hotness and this is a specific kind of fragrance ad. Carry on, my man, carry on.