Alicia Keys And Nickelodeon Team Up To Teach Kids About Race And Bias

by Christina Marfice
Alicia Keys Hosts A Nickelodeon Special About Race And Bias

Alicia Keys was joined by experts to help empower and enlighten families and kids — and guide some tough conversations

As our country continues to reckon with its deeply held racist beliefs and the systemic racism that’s alive and well today, many parents are wondering when they should start talking to their kids about race and racism. The answer is as soon as freaking possible, because kids live in this world and will witness and experience racism whether you talk to them about it or not. But for some white parents, those conversations are difficult. If you’ve been blinded by your privilege, you don’t know where to start. You have no excuse not to continue educating yourself, but in the meantime, Nickelodeon and Alicia Keys have teamed up to help start those conversations between parents and kids.

Keys hosted a Nick News special that aired last night. According to the network, the episode aimed “to empower, enlighten and spark a dialogue for healing.” During the special, Keys had conversations with Black kids about the racism they’ve faced.

Keys also talked to experts like a family therapist and a history expert, who helped provide context and advice.

The founders of the Black Lives Matter movement took questions from kids.

Simone Biles made an appearance.

It was truly a powerful special that didn’t back down from helping kids understand issues of race and bias, however hard that may be. Keys was an incredible host who listened to the kids who were invited to the table, and created a truly incredible resource that’s going to help countless kids and families navigate these kinds of conversations.

Nickelodeon has teased that more content like this may be coming later. In a tweet after the special aired, they wrote, “This is only the beginning,” and linked to a new webpage with resources for kids and parents who are struggling to talk not just about race and unity, but all the terrible things happening in the world. They also promoted their Declaration of Kids’ Rights, which was created by Nickelodeon in the ’90s but rings more true today than ever.

And this isn’t the first time Nickelodeon went all in on supporting Black lives. Earlier this month, the network went dark for eight minutes and 46 seconds to commemorate the life of George Floyd. That move prompted complaints from parents, who clearly need to sit down and watch the Nick News special on race and bias.

You can watch the entire Nick News special featuring Alicia Keys here, or below.