FREE Alien Coloring Pages That Are Extra(Terrestrial) Fun

10 Alien Coloring Pages For Your Future Space Explorer

March 29, 2021 Updated April 30, 2021

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Do you believe in aliens? It’s certainly fun to consider. While Earthlings have explored a great deal of our own solar system, there’s a lot about the star-filled universe that we still don’t know. Since the beginning of the space age, we’ve discovered life-sustaining resources on or around two planets. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily imply human-like creatures who look or live like us are roaming the galaxy. It’s more likely the life we find scattered across the Milky Way might look more like algae or tardigrades. But what kind of friends or foes live beyond our space exploration’s current reach, in “a galaxy far, far away” like those in Star Wars? Only time and research will tell. Until then, you can help your little one adventure to the outer realms of their imagination with our collection of alien coloring pages.

While aliens might weird you out, it’s worth letting your kiddo explore. Just think — with the proper guidance, words of encouragement, and education, your kid could grow up to be the first person to explore Mars or even go beyond our solar system. The foundation for that life of space exploration could start right here. If your kiddo is already space-obsessed, these otherwordly printables will lure them in without a hassle. Once they sit down to color, the real learning begins. Practicing staying inside the lines offers a surprisingly solid foundation your kiddo will need to excel in school, as it teaches self-regulation and focus. Coloring also reinforces the right way to hold a crayon and pencil, which we all know will always be useful.

Just print out these alien coloring pages and let them do the work of preparing your future astronaut.

Free Alien Coloring Pages

Alien No. 1

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Admittedly, thinking of aliens can be a little scary. After all, movies like Independence Day and shows like X-Files portray aliens as some pretty awful beings. It’s just as likely, though, that aliens look like this little peanut-shaped guy. People have believed in aliens for thousands of years. The earliest UFO sighting was recorded in 1440 B.C.

Alien No. 2

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Or, ya know, they might look like this antennaed octopus gal. Will they fly in space crafts? Who knows. Alas, it seems unlikely at this point to find any higher-thinking aliens from within our solar system. The first attempt to communicate with aliens was made in 1960.

Alien No. 3

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Does your kiddo know what UFO stands for? Now might be a good time to tell them about unidentified flying objects. And did you know that there’s a mystery roar in space? Scientists still have no idea what it is…

Alien No. 4

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While thousands of UFO sightings get reported each year, it’s important to note that they’re often easily explained by occurrences like falling satellites. However, if your child is fascinated by the possibility of an alien encounter, don’t discourage them from believing. Who knows what the future will bring?

Alien No. 5

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Older kids especially might relish the mystery behind Area 51 and the hoax alien autopsy. So, you may not want to share with them that — since America is so top secret about aliens and their military exercises — there are likely many more UFOs that could be explained as military equipment exercises.

Alien No. 6

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If there are so many UFO sightings, how do we explain the incongruent sightings of actual extraterrestrial beings that could be flying those objects? Hey, maybe aliens have simply gotten super-good at concealing themselves!

Alien No. 7

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You could use that unequal reporting data as a reason to believe those UFOs probably weren’t alien space crafts. Or you could gesture vaguely around and ask, “Would you stay here if you could go somewhere else?” You can’t ask for a better conversation starter than discussing space travel and intergalactic life.

Alien No. 8

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This is probably the most iconic UFO design in the world. There are carnival rides and a ton of roadside sculptures that look just like it. We’ve even seen a restaurant and a house in this disc-shaped design. It all hearkens back to the mid-century design popular during the first boom of interest in space.

Alien No. 9

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If aliens exist, they’re just as likely to look like these guys as the weird egg-headed alien seen in most alien imagery. And let’s face it, this gang of goofy creatures looks more like they’d be hanging with Mike and Sully at Monsters University than using laser guns to weed out humans.

Alien No. 10

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Did the spaceships and aliens in these coloring pages match the images in your child’s head? Find out! Ask them to draw you a picture. Have them design their own spaceship complete with an alien they’d like to befriend. Learning to follow instructions and focus on a task is vital, yes. But so is exploring their imagination and having the chance to be creative.

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