Amy Schumer Shares That Her Baby's First Fever Made Her Cry 'A Lot'

by Cassandra Stone
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Amy Schumer Crying Over Her Baby's First Fever Is Relatable AF: Amy Schumer holding baby with husban...
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Amy Schumer and her husband both handled their son’s first fever differently and yes, we can all relate

Naturally, all parents have their own ways of handling their kids’ illnesses, and Amy Schumer and her husband Chris are no different. When your kid gets sick, it’s the most heartbreaking thing because you feel so helpless and all you want to do is help them feel better. Schumer, who has been candid about everything related to motherhood from breastfeeding to loving her nanny to her current IVF journey, is sharing how she and Chris handled baby Gene’s first fever this week.

In the post, her husband is seen sleeping and she dedicates the post to the celebration of their second anniversary. Though Chris is likely asleep because this week kicked his fatherly ass, since their son came down with his first fever. And anyone who’s had a sick baby knows the entire ordeal will take a toll on you unlike anything else.

“It’s my anniversary to marrying this guy,” she writes. “I’m really glad we got married. Our baby was sick and got his first fever this week and I cried hard and Chris was solid as a rock.”

Often it’s one parent who completely loses it because your heart is shattering all over the place, you’re tired AF, and you feel completely useless and mentally drained. The other parent is usually none of these things, either by choice or by nature. Or, in very special relationships (*author raises hand*) you trade off on these patterns of behavior depending on which one of you is in the better mental place.

Regardless, sick kids are awful and you just want to cuddle and hold them until they feel better while also not catching said illness yourself. Which is impossible because you will absolutely catch that shit. But as someone who spent three days in our local children’s hospital because my four-week-old newborn had a fever of 101 thanks to a nasty virus our preschooler brought home, a sick baby can and will wreck you.


Schumer also asked fellow parents to weigh in: “Anyone else cry the first time their baby got sick?”

You bet we have.

Bottom line: for endless reasons, babies and children make criers out of all of us. And it doesn’t stop as they get older, either. Shoutout to all the “criers” and “total rocks” out there, wherever you are!

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