Anderson Cooper Reveals He And His Ex Still Live Together While Co-Parenting Son

by Madison Vanderberg
anderson cooper and baby
Anderson Cooper/Instagram

Anderson Cooper and ex-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani still live together while raising son Wyatt Cooper

Anderson Cooper announced last May that he had become a dad, welcoming his adorable son Wyatt Cooper. Shortly after his son’s birth, Cooper said that he and his ex-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani would actually raise Wyatt together as co-parents and now Cooper just released that the two exes actually still live together.

“We actually still live in the same house, because we get along really well and…yeah, it’s weird but it works out,” Cooper told Ellen DeGeneres during a February 11, 2021 interview.

Interestingly, Cooper said that Maisani’s reluctance to have kids probably contributed to their breakup, but Cooper now says “[Maisani] came around to the idea. Now he is such a great parent.”

“We went to take Wyatt to get some vaccinations, you know, the regular course that kids get..[and] I turned around when Wyatt got his first shot, and Benjamin is weeping! He’s become this, like, big softie. It’s really sweet to see,” Cooper told DeGeneres.

Cooper and Maisani broke up in 2018 after dating for many years and now that they’re living together and raising Wyatt (and considering Maisani’s apparent change of heart over having kids), DeGeneres asked if they would ever get back together, which Cooper said with absolutely certainty, “No, that’s not gonna happen.” DeGeneres joked that at the very least, it’s a great sitcom premise waiting to happen.

Cooper told Howard Stern in May 2020 that he and Maisani were co-parenting Wyatt together. “I don’t really have a family,” Cooper stated. “So my friends become my family. And this is somebody that I was involved with for 10 years. He’s a great guy.”

“We didn’t work out as a couple…but when I was a little kid, it was just my mom and my brother. But it was my mom and she was not the most parental person. I wish some adult, after my dad died, had stepped in, and just been like, you know what? I’ll take you to a ball game, or let’s go out to lunch every now and then, and let’s just talk. No one ever did that,” Cooper told Stern.

“So I thought, if something happens to me or even if something doesn’t happen to me, if more people love my son and are in his life, I’m all for that,” he explained. “My ex is a great guy and it’s good to have two parents, if you can.”

Cooper says he plans to go by “dad” or “daddy” and Maisani, who is French, will be “papa” to Wyatt.

Wyatt is certainly one lucky little dude with two very cool dads.