65+ Popular Armenian Last Names With Meanings And Origins

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Armenian Last Names
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Let’s get this out of the way first: There is so much more to Armenia than simply being the ancestral home of the Kardashians. For starters, besides the Kardashians, other popular celebs like Cher, Andre Agassi, and Serj are also from the mountainous Caucasus region. But more notably, Armenia is known for its open-heartedness and hospitality to foreigners and strangers. Their culture is rooted in kindness, respect, family values, and patience toward children. Did you know that it is also home to one of the world’s oldest wineries and capitals, and that chess is a part of their school curriculum? They were also the first nation to adopt Christianity.

Armenia is a country with a long, sometimes tragic history and rich culture, including a unique structure for Armenian last names. If — like Kim, Khloe, and the rest of the krew (sorry) — you can trace your lineage back to Armenia, there’s a lot you can learn about your own family history from your last name.

For example, nearly all Armenian last names consist of a root and at least one suffix that offer clues about your past. Roots typically include identifying information like titles, personal characteristics, jobs, or place-names. Suffixes can have a variety of meanings as well, but the most frequently used suffix (by far) is -ian and its variations, such as -yan, -jan, -ians, which means “issued from” or “family of.” Other suffixes include -ji or -chi (which refers to being a merchant), and -uni (which indicates a family connection to Armenian nobility).

Want more examples? Here are some popular Armenian last names, along with their meanings and origins.

  1. Abajian

Meaning: Maker or seller of coarse woolen cloth or garments Origin: Turkish

  1. Abelyan

Meaning: Son of Abel Origin: Georgian, Armenian

  1. Abrahamyan

Meaning: Son of Abraham Origin: Armenian

  1. Adamyan

Meaning: Son of Adam Origin: Armenian

  1. Agassi

Meaning: Someone who resembles a magpie Origin: Armenian, Persian

  1. Ajemian

Meaning: Persian or foreigner; one who speaks Arabic incorrectly Origin: Armenian, Arabic

  1. Aleksanyan

Meaning: Son of Aleksan Origin: Armenian

  1. Avagyan

Meaning: Son of Avag Origin: Armenian

  1. Azarian

Meaning: March Origin: Turkish

  1. Babayan

Meaning: Father Origin: Armenian, Turkish

  1. Barseghyan

Meaning: Son of Barsegh Origin: Armenian

  1. Boyajyan

Meaning: Son of the painter Origin: Armenian

  1. Danielyan

Meaning: Son of Daniel Origin: Armenian

  1. Derian

Meaning: Lord Origin: Armenian

  1. Davtyan

Meaning: Son of Davit Origin: Armenian

  1. Donabedian

Meaning: Head of a festival Origin: Armenian

  1. Galstyan

Meaning: Son of Galust Origin: Armenian

  1. Garabedian

Meaning: Leader, precursor Origin: Armenian

  1. Gasparyan

Meaning: Son of Gaspar Origin: Armenian

  1. Gevorgian/Gevorgyan

Meaning: Son of Gevorg Origin: Armenian

  1. Ghasabyan

Meaning: Butcher Origin: Arabic

  1. Ghazaryan

Meaning: Son of Lazar Origin: Armenian

  1. Grigoryan

Meaning: Son of Grigor Origin: Armenian

  1. Gulian

Meaning: Son of Rose, or laughter Origin: Armenian

  1. Hagopian

Meaning: Son of Hakob Origin: Armenian

  1. Hakobyan

Meaning: Son of Hakob Origin: Armenian

  1. Hayrapetyan

Meaning: Son of Hayrapet Origin: Armenian

  1. Hovhannisyan

Meaning: Son of Hovhannes Origin: Armenian

  1. Hovsepyan

Meaning: Son of Hovsep Origin: Armenian

  1. Karapetyan

Meaning: Son of Karapet Origin: Armenian

  1. Kartashyan

Meaning: Son of the stonemason Origin: Armenian

  1. Khachatryan

Meaning: Son of Khachatur Origin: Armenian

  1. Kassabian

Meaning: Son of the butcher Origin: Turkish

  1. Manoukian

Meaning: Child Origin: Classical Armenian

  1. Manukyan

Meaning: Son of Manuk Origin: Armenian

  1. Margaryan

Meaning: Prophet Origin: Old Armenian

  1. Markosyan

Meaning: Son of Markos Origin: Armenian

  1. Martirosyan

Meaning: Son of Martiros Origin: Armenian

  1. Melikyan

Meaning: Son of Melik Origin: Armenian

  1. Misakian

Meaning: Son of Misak Origin: Hebrew

  1. Mushyan

Meaning: Someone from the Armenian town of Mushi Origin: Armenian

  1. Najaryan/Najarian

Meaning: Son of a carpenter Origin: Arabic

  1. Nalbandyan/Nalbandian

Meaning: Son of a farrier Origin: Persian

  1. Nazaretyan

Meaning: Son of Nazaret Origin: Armenian

  1. Pahlevanyan

Meaning: Son of the wrestler or champion Origin: Armenian

  1. Panosyan

Meaning: Son of Panos Origin: Armenian

  1. Papazian

Meaning: Priest, father Origin: Armenian

  1. Parsamyan

Meaning: Son of Parsam; fasting Origin: Armenian, Assyrian

  1. Petrosian

Meaning: Petros Origin: Armenian, Greek

  1. Petrossian/Petrosyan

Meaning: Peter Origin: Armenian, Greek

  1. Sahagian

Meaning: Isaacson, Son of Isaac, or descendant of Isaac Origin: Armenian

  1. Sahakyan

Meaning: Son of Sahak Origin: Armenian

  1. Salti

Meaning: Salty Origin: Greek, Armenia

  1. Sarafyan/Sarafian

Meaning: Son of a banker Origin: Arabic

  1. Sargis

Meaning: Servant, slave Origin: Eastern Armenian

  1. Sarkis

Meaning: Protector, shepherd Origin: Arabic, Armenian

  1. Saroukhanian

Meaning: The mountain prince Origin: Armenian

  1. Sevian

Meaning: Son of Black or raven-haired Origin: Armenian

  1. Shahbazyan

Meaning: Descendant of Origin: Armenian

  1. Simonian

Meaning: A follower of Simon Magus Origin: Armenian

  1. Simonyan

Meaning: Son of Simon Origin: Armenian

  1. Stepanian

Meaning: Foreigner Origin: Armenian

  1. Stepanyan

Meaning: son of Stepan Origin: Armenian

  1. Tadevosyan

Meaning: Son of Tadevos Origin: Armenian

  1. Tanielian

Meaning: Daniel Origin: Armenian

  1. Tashjian

Meaning: Stonemason Origin: Armenian

  1. Tavitian

Meaning: Son of David Origin: Armenian

  1. Terzian

Meaning: Tailor Origin: Persian

  1. Topalian

Meaning: Lame and crippled Origin: Armenian

  1. Torosyan

Meaning: Son of Toros Origin: Armenian

  1. Tumasyan

Meaning: Son of Thomas; Thompson Origin: Armenian

  1. Vardanyan

Meaning: Son of Vardan Origin: Armenian

  1. Vartanian

Meaning: Shield Origin: Persian

  1. Zakarian

Meaning: God has remembered Origin: Armenian

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